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Authors: Molinari, Irene* 
Clinton, John* 
Kissling, Eduard* 
Hetényi, Gyorgy* 
Giardini, Domenico* 
Stipçević, Josip* 
Dasović, Iva* 
Herak, Marijan* 
Šipka, Vesna* 
Wéber, Zoltan* 
Gráczer, Zoltan* 
Solarino, Stefano* 
Title: Swiss-AlpArray temporary broadband seismic stations deployment and noise characterization
Journal: Advances in Geosciences 
Series/Report no.: /43 (2016)
Issue Date: 2016
DOI: 10.5194/adgeo-43-15-2016
Subject Classification05.04. Instrumentation and techniques of general interest 
04.06. Seismology 
Abstract: Abstract. AlpArray is a large collaborative seismological project in Europe that includes more than 50 research institutes and seismological observatories. At the heart of the project is the collection of top-quality seismological data from a dense network of broadband temporary seismic stations, in compliment to the existing permanent networks, that ensures a homogeneous station coverage of the greater Alpine region. This Alp Array Seismic Network (AASN) began operation in January 2016 and will have a duration of at least 2 years. In this work we report the Swiss contribution to the AASN, we concentrate on the site selection process, our methods for stations installation, data quality and data management. We deployed 27 temporary broadband stations equipped with STS-2 and Trillium Compact 120 s sensors. The deployment and maintenance of the temporary stations across 5 countries is managed by ETH Zurich and it is the result of a fruitful collaboration between five institutes in Europe.
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