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Authors: Musacchio, Gemma* 
Ferreira, Monica A.* 
Meroni, Fabrizio* 
Rupakhety, Rajesh* 
Oliveira, Carlos Sousa* 
Zonno, Gaetano* 
Title: Urban Disaster Prevention Strategies in the UPStrat-MAFA Project: From Risk Analysis to Communication
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
ISBN: 978-3-319-62098-5
Keywords: Seismic hazard and risk
Disruption index
Disaster risk reduction
Risk communication
Subject Classification04.06.11. Seismic risk
Abstract: The UPStrat-MAFA (Urban Disaster Prevention Strategies using Macroseismic Fields and FAult Sources) project, funded by the European Commission, had a multi-disciplinary approach to disaster prevention that encompassed strategies based on the analysis of the level of risk and information. Use of macroseismic intensity data and its probabilistic treatment was one of the successful innovations of the project. The method allowed incorporation of knowledge of seismic source, faults and their properties to estimate hazard and provide valuable insights on the level of expected shaking during future earthquakes. A holistic approach to risk assessment was one of the most relevant contributions of this project. It was implemented with a new concept of global damage (the disruption index, DI) that provides a systemic way to measure earthquake impact on urban areas and helps in prevention strategies, as well as in decision-making for emergency planning and post-disaster activities. The project strongly relied on prevention strategies based on education and communication of risk. Analysis on the levels of education was performed and weaknesses identified. Various educational tools were prepared: video games for children and audio-video products for the general public. The results and achievements of the project were widely distributed to both the general public and experts.
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