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Colavitti, Leonardo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12023Empirical correlations between a FAS non-ergodic ground motion model and a GIT derived model for Central ItalyMorasca, Paola* ; D'Amico, Maria* ; Sgobba, Sara* ; Lanzano, Giovanni* ; Colavitti, Leonardo* ; Pacor, Francesca* ; Spallarossa, Daniele* 
22022Empirical Evidence of Frequency‐Dependent Directivity Effects From Small‐To‐Moderate Normal Fault Earthquakes in Central ItalyColavitti, Leonardo* ; Lanzano, Giovanni* ; Sgobba, Sara* ; Pacor, Francesca* ; Gallovič, František* 
32022Near-Source Attenuation and Spatial Variability of the Spectral Decay Parameter Kappa in Central ItalyCastro, Raúl R* ; Colavitti, Leonardo* ; Vidales-Basurto, Claudia A* ; Pacor, Francesca* ; Sgobba, Sara* ; Lanzano, Giovanni* 
48-Nov-2022A new approach to construct 3-D crustal shear-wave velocity models: method description and application to the Central AlpsColavitti, Leonardo* ; Hetényi, Gyorgy* ; AlpArray Working Group* 
52023Physics-based parametrization of a FAS nonergodic ground motion model for Central ItalySgobba, Sara* ; Lanzano, Giovanni* ; Colavitti, Leonardo* ; Morasca, Paola* ; D'Amico, Maria Clara* ; Spallarossa, Daniele* 
62022Temporal Variation of the Spectral Decay Parameter Kappa Detected before and after the 2016 Main Earthquakes of Central ItalyCastro, Raúl R* ; Spallarossa, Daniele* ; Pacor, Francesca* ; Colavitti, Leonardo* ; Lanzano, Giovanni* ; Vidales-Basurto, Claudia A* ; Sgobba, Sara*