Scippacercola, Sergio

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Scippacercola, Sergio
From November 2016 he is associated to the National Institute of Geophysics (Vesuvian Observatory) for geophysicals researches. He holds a bachelor degree in Physics, and was awarded a specialised Post-graduate diploma entitled “Theories and Techniques for the Use of Computers”. Since 2004 has been Associate Professor in Information Processing Systems (ING-INF / 05). From November 12, 2012 has been on the teaching staff part of the Department of Economics, Management, Institutions of the University of Naples "Federico II". From November 2018 he is retired and is affiliated with the Vesuvius Observatory for research activities.Former university positions: 1990 - 2003 : Assistant Professor in Statistics at the Economics Faculty, University of Naples “Federico II” 1991 - 1994 : Professor of Statistics (with an annual appointment) at the University of Molise 1995- 2003: Professor of Informatics (with an annual appointment) at the Economics Faculty, University of Naples “Federico II” In 1975 he was employed as a graduate engineer from the University of Naples "Federico II" and served at the Computing Center of the University of inter-electronic Naples "Federico II". For 8 years he has been responsible for the Telematics Section, and for various periods of time has acted as Director of the Center. Between 1975 and 1980 he was Officer for organising exercises in Computer Architecture and Programming for studenst of Computer Architecture at the Faculty of Engineering. In 1988 he transferred to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Since 1990, (in meeting the requirements set by art.50 PR 07.11.80 No 282, del'art.16 under the law 11/12/1990 n. 340) he has served as Senior Researcher in the same department. Membership and offices held in National Societies - Associazione Italiana per il Calcolo Automatico (AICA) - Società Italiana di Statistica (SIS) (1990-1992: Scientific Committee on “Statistical and Scientific Data Base”; 1992-1994: Scientific Committee on “New Informatics Technologies for Statistics” ; 1995-1997: Scientific Committee on “The teaching of Informatics in Economic Faculties”) - Centro interuniversitario di ricerca per la didattica delle discipline statistiche (CIRDIS) - Società dei Naturalisti a Napoli Membership in International Societies - International Association for Statistical ComputingResearch Fields: Computer Science: Numerical Algorithms, Engineering and Management Knowledge, Decision Support Systems; Statistics: Factorial methods, Cluster Analysis (Ultrametrics). Scientific Activities: Since 2008 Member of the Academic Board of the Course of Doctorate ( PhD) in Statistics at the Faculty of Economics in the School of PhD in economic statistics. He is research member of a regional expertise center of AMRA analysis and monitoring of environmental risk, sub-unit "B", which acts on large scales (town and country) on the Project Demonstrator "Eastern Province of Naples" and its extension over the Vesuvian area. He is researcher of a regional expertise center in ICT (CeRITC) (President A. Mazzeo) He is a member of the Scientific Steering LUPT (Laboratory of urban and regional planning). He has been Chairman at various international and national conferences He is currently part of the Working Group of the Italian Society of Statistics (Head. Prof. D'Ambra) for customer satisfaction and evaluation of services He has been a member of the National Committee for the Evaluation of the University System. (New electronic form of inquiry into university teaching) He is a member of the Editorial Board of the EJASA DSS journalEditorial Board: Albanian Socio-economic review the IJSINT review - Register of Expert PeerReviewers for Italian Scientific Evaluation - Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis:Decision Support Systems and services evaluation.Erasmus Teaching Program:University of Szeged-Facultad de Ciencias Economicas yEmpresariales, GranadaMembership in:American Statistical Society-Società Italiana di Statistica-Associazione Italianaper il Calcolo Automatico-Working Group of the Italian Society of Statistics for Customersatisfaction and evaluation of services
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