Francesco Iacoviello

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Francesco Iacoviello
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Iacoviello, Francesco
I gained a PhD in Earth Sciences at University of Siena (Italy) with a focus on mineralogy of drill core sediments from Antarctica and on paleoclimatic reconstruction. My expertise includes XRD, SEM and FESEM techniques. I am a very curious person and that allowed me to explore various fields of earth sciences research, including also karst cave studies and alteration processes of volcanic deposits. I have over 5 years experience performing environmental geochemistry studies with the focus on distribution and behavior of heavy elements in water streams as well as trace elements in sediments. After spending one year at Oceanographic Institute of University of Sao Paulo (USP), I joined University College London (UCL), where I developed research on X-Ray Diffraction at Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering department. I am currently Research Associate at Chemical Engineering Department of UCL in the field of correlative imaging across different platforms, from X-ray micro- to nano- Computed tomography to FIB-SEM.
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