Scribano, Vittorio

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Scribano, Vittorio
A) Academic curriculum. 1974: Universitary Degree in Geological Sciences (max. cum laude) at University of Ferrara, Italy. 1977: National fellowship as an introduction to researching and lecturing activities. 1980: Status of Researcher at Catania University, Italy. 1998: Position of Associate Professor of petrology and petrography at Catania University (Dept. of Geological Sciences). B) Research topics. B. 1- Main topic: Petrological and geochemical investigation on deep-seated xenoliths from the Hyblean Plateau, Southeastern Sicily: inferences on the nature of the underneath lithosphere (The writer has reported the first occurrence of mantle xenoliths in some Hyblean volcanic rocks on 1986). Results of this research strongly suggest the oceanic nature of the Hyblean Foreland lithosphere, which probably consists of a peridotite – gabbro core-complex related to a “fossil” low-spreading ridge segment of the Permo-Tethys domain. This hypothesis challenges the most common view on the continental (African) affinity of the Hyblean inaccessible basement. In addition, our data suggest the early sea-floor exposure of the core-complex, its large-scale serpentinization, abiogenic hydrocarbon production, final plateau uplift. A corollary research topic, far beyond the regional scope, deals to the genetic, spatial and temporal relationships between abyssal serpentinite systems, hydrocarbons and marine-salts deposits. B. 2- Accessory Topic: eruptive styles of Mt. Etna Volcano.
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