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Full Name
Buizza, Roberto
- Joined on 1 November 2018 the Scuola Universitaria Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa as Full Professor in Physics. - Qualified Full Professor in Italy (‘Abilitato al titolo di Professore di Prima Fascia’) in Physics (Sector 02/C1) and Geophysics (Sector 04/A4). Member of Scientific Advisory Boards of international research centres. - Leading scientist and key developer of the ECMWF medium-range/monthly ensemble, considered the most accurate and reliable source of global forecasts for this time range. Leader of the group that completed the ensemble ocean re-analyses that are key to understand climate trends, and coordinator of the project that has been producing the first coupled reanalysis of the 20th century. Responsible for research and development of the ECMWF coupled ocean-land-atmosphere-cryosphere ensembles. - A very successful manager of the ECMWF Research Department, with proven ability to bring together people from different backgrounds, and a member of the ECMWF Senior Management Team. A key contributor to stakeholder communication activities, especially with the ECMWF National Meteorological and Hydrological Services. Responsible for the ECMWF partnership activities that led to the establishment of cooperation agreements with China, the United States National Weather Service and the US National Centre for Atmospheric Research. - A committed team player with a strong multidisciplinary educational background, teaching experience, effective communication skills and a strong publication record. Integrity, passion for work and intellectual curiosity, and genuine interest in teaching and mentoring are also key traits of my personality.
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