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Delgado, A.
Full Name
Delgado Huertas, Antonio
Delgado Huertas, Antonio
Huertas, AD.
Delgado-Huertas, Antonio
research scientist at CSIC (Spanish Scientific Research Council) (2000-Present). His research focuses on stable isotope biogeochemistry (13C/12C, 18O/16O, D/H, 15N/14N and 34S/32S) with special emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach of the interactions between the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and geosphere. After completing a B.Sc. in Geology at the University of Granada, (1982-1987) he then went on to complete a PhD in Stable Isotope Geochemistry at the same institution (1988-1994). He undertook post-doctoral research at the Stable Isotope Laboratory, University of Trieste, Italy (1994-1996) continuing to collaborate with them until 2006 after his returned to Granada in 1996, subsequently being based at the Estación Experimental del Zaidín (CSIC). He was appointed as a permanent CSIC Research Scientist in 2000. He has participated in 35 research projects (11 as principal investigator), published over 250 papers, books, book chapters, and short notes, of which more of 120 in journals included in the SCI. Current specific research interests include the isotopic footprint of C, N and O in the oceans through studying sediments, methane, DIC, DOC and O2 dissolved in waters of the Atlantic, Indian, Pacific and Arctic. Other areas of research are food webs, paleoclimatology, volcanic gases.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2017Geochemistry of hydrothermal fluids from the eastern sector of the Sabatini Volcanic District (central Italy)Cinti, Daniele* ; Tassi, F.* ; Procesi, Monia* ; Brusca, Lorenzo* ; Cabassi, J.* ; Capecchiacci, F.* ; Delgado Huertas, A.* ; Galli, Gianfranco* ; Grassa, Fausto* ; Vaselli, O.* ; Voltattorni, Nunzia* 
230-Oct-2018Inter-laboratory test for oxygen and hydrogen stable isotope analyses of geothermal fluids: Assessment of reservoir fluid compositionsVerma, Mahendra P* ; van Geldern, Robert* ; Barth, Johannes A C* ; Monvoisin, Gael* ; Rogers, Karyne* ; Grassa, Fausto* ; Carrizo, Daniel* ; Delgado Huertas, Antonio* ; Kretzschmar, Thomas* ; Villanueva Estrada, Ruth Esther* ; Godoy, Jose Marcus* ; Mostapa, Roslanzairi* ; Cortés, Hugo Alberto Durán* 
32020Interlaboratory test for stable carbon isotope analysis of dissolved inorganic carbon in geothermal fluidsVerma, Mahendra P* ; van Geldern, Robert* ; Carvalho, Matheus C* ; Grassa, Fausto* ; Delgado Huertas, Antonio* ; Monvoisin, Gael* ; Carrizo, Daniel* 
421-Jun-2013Stable carbon isotope analysis of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in natural waters – Results from a worldwide pro!ciency testvan Geldern, R.* ; Verma, M. P.* ; Carvalho, M. C.* ; Grassa, F.* ; Delgado-Huertas, A.* ; Monvoisin, G.* ; Barth, J. A. C.* 
52009Water and gas chemistry at Lake Kivu (DRC): Geochemical evidence of vertical and horizontal heterogeneities in a multibasin structureTassi, Franco* ; Vaselli, Orlando* ; Tedesco, Dario* ; Montegrossi, Giordano* ; Darrah, Tom* ; Cuoco, Emilio* ; Mapendano, M. Y.* ; Poreda, R.* ; Delgado Huertas, Antonio*