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Campuzano, Saioa Arquero
Campuzano, Saioa A.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Magnetic Field and Electron Density Anomalies from Swarm Satellites Preceding the Major Earthquakes of the 2016–2017 Amatrice-Norcia (Central Italy) Seismic SequenceMarchetti, Dedalo* ; De Santis, Angelo* ; D’Arcangelo, Serena* ; Poggio, Federica* ; Jin, Shuanggen* ; Piscini, Alessandro* ; A. Campuzano, Saioa* 
229-Jun-2018Multi-centennial fluctuations of radionuclide production rates are modulated by the Earth's magnetic fieldPavón-Carrasco, Francisco Javier* ; Gómez-Paccard, M.* ; Campuzano, Saioa A.* ; González-Rouco, Jesús Fidel* ; Osete, M. L.* 
32018New perspectives in the study of the Earth's magnetic field and climate connection: The use of transfer entropyCampuzano, S. A.* ; De Santis, Angelo* ; Pavón-Carrasco, F. J.* ; Osete, M. L.* ; Qamili, E.* 
42015Non-Dipole and Regional Effects on the Geomagnetic Dipole Moment EstimationCampuzano, S. A.* ; Pavón-Carrasco, F. J.* ; Osete, M. L.* 
53-Oct-2018Updated Iberian Archeomagnetic Catalogue: New Full Vector Paleosecular Variation Curve for the Last Three MillenniaMolina Cardín, Alberto* ; Campuzano, Saioa A.* ; Osete, M. L.* ; Rivero-Montero, M.* ; Pavón-Carrasco, Francisco Javier* ; Palencia-Ortas, A.* ; Martín-Hernández, F.* ; Gómez-Paccard, M.* ; Chauvin, A.* ; Guerrero-Suárez, S.* ; Pérez-Fuentes, J. C.* ; McIntosh, G.* ; Catanzariti, G.* ; Sastre Blanco, J. C.* ; Larrazabal, J.* ; Fernández Martínez, V. M.* ; Álvarez Sanchís, J. R.* ; Rodríguez-Hernández, J.* ; Martín Viso, I.* ; Garcia i Rubert, D.*