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De Guidi, Giorgio
Researcher of Structural Geology at the Science Department of the Catania Univeristy. The main field of interest is represented by studies on structural and regional geology along the Sicily and Calabrian region. The structural analysis of these collision belts has been carried out to reconstruct geometry and geodynamics of fold-and-thrust systems and strike-slip structures. Researches have been aimed to the active tectonics of Calabria and eastern Sicily where the major Quaternary crustal structures and their possible relations with the major seismic events have been defined, whereas the Quaternary uplift rates have been calculated by means of analysis of marine terraces. Moreover, researches on urban geology have been carried in the Catania area.Researches have been aimed to the volcano tectonics of Etna, Pantelleria and arcipelago Aeolian system. he is an expert in the field of geodesy and surveying Knowledge of I.T. Mastery of the following applications: G.I.S software platform: . Mapinfo, ARC/GIS and GEOMEDIA Mapping software: Rockworks, Surfer, Autocad, Corel Draw, Microstation and Power Draw, GPS and topographyc mapping software: Magnet tools, Meridiana and Mercurio Remote sensing software: ER Mapper
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2019Fault pattern and seismotectonic potential at the south-western edge of the Ionian Subduction system (southern Italy): New field and geophysical constraintsBarreca, Giovanni* ; Scarfì, Luciano* ; Gross, Felix* ; Monaco, Carmelo* ; De Guidi, Giorgio* 
22015Geological, seismological and geodetic evidence of active thrustingand folding south of Mt. Etna (eastern Sicily): Revaluation of “seismicefficiency” of the Sicilian Basal ThrustDe Guidi, G.* ; Barberi, G.* ; Barreca, G.* ; Bruno, V.* ; Cultrera, F.* ; Grassi, S.* ; Imposa, S.* ; Mattia, M.* ; Monaco, C.* ; Scarfì, L.* ; Scudero, S.* 
32014Holocene vertical deformation along the coastal sector of Mt. Etna volcano (eastern Sicily, Italy): implications on the time-space constrains of the volcano lateral sliding.Branca, S.* ; De Guidi, G.* ; Lanzafame, G.* ; Monaco, C.* 
4Feb-2001Information on subsoil geological structure in the city of Catania (Eastern Sicily) from microtremor measurementsGiampiccolo, E.* ; Gresta, S.* ; Mucciarelli, M.* ; De Guidi, G.* ; Gallipoli, M. R.* 
52009Late Quaternary deformation on the island of Pantelleria: New constraints for the recent tectonic evolution of the Sicily Channel Rift (southern Italy).Catalano, S.* ; De Guidi, G.* ; Lanzafame, G.* ; Monaco, C.* ; Tortorici, I.* 
62015Modelling the long-term deformation of the sedimentary substrate of Mt. Etna volcano (Italy)Scudero, S.* ; De Guidi, G.* ; Imposa, S.* ; Currenti, G.* 
72013Multidisciplinary study of the Tindari Fault (Sicily, Italy) separating ongoing contractional and extensional compartments along the active Africa–Eurasia convergent boundaryDe Guidi, G.* ; Lanzafame, G.* ; Palano, M.* ; Puglisi, G.* ; Scaltrito, A.* ; Scarfì, L.* 
85-Apr-2014New evidence for Late Quaternary deformation of the substratum of Mt. Etna volcano (Sicily, Italy): clues indicate active crustal domingDe Guidi, G.* ; Imposa, S.* ; Scudero, S.* ; Palano, M.* 
92021The seismogenic source of the 2018 December 26th earthquake (Mt. Etna, Italy): A shear zone in the unstable eastern flank of the volcanoMonaco, Carmelo* ; Barreca, Giovanni* ; Bella, Domenico* ; Brighenti, Fabio* ; Bruno, Valentina* ; Carnemolla, Francesco* ; De Guidi, Giorgio* ; Mattia, Mario* ; Menichetti, Marco* ; Roccheggiani, Matteo* ; Scarfì, Luciano* 
1011-Mar-2019Size distributions of fractures, dykes, and eruptions on Etna, Italy: Implications for magma-chamber volume and eruption potentialScudero, Salvatore* ; De Guidi, Giorgio* ; Gudmundsson, Agust* 
1115-Jun-2005Tectonic control on the eruptive dynamics at Mt. Etna Volcano (Sicily) during the 2001 and 2002–2003 eruptionsMonaco, C.* ; Catalano, S.* ; Cocina, O.* ; De Guidi, G.* ; Ferlito, C.* ; Gresta, S.* ; Musumeci, C.* ; Tortorici, L.* 
1215-Mar-2018The unstable eastern flank of Mt. Etna volcano (Italy): First results of a GNSS-based network at its southeastern edgeDe Guidi, Giorgio* ; Brighenti, Fabio* ; Carnemolla, Francesco* ; Imposa, Sebastiano* ; Marchese, Salvatore Antonio* ; Palano, Mimmo* ; Scudero, Salvatore* ; Vecchio, Alessia*