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Milkov, Alexei V.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12021Conflicting estimates of natural geologic methane emissionsThornton, Brett F.* ; Etiope, Giuseppe* ; Schwietzke, Stefan* ; Milkov, Alexei V.* ; Klusman, Ronald W* ; Judd, A* ; Oehler, Dorothy Z* 
22008Did geologic emissions of methane play any role in Quaternary climate change?Etiope, G.* ; Milkov, A. V.* ; Derbyshire, E.* 
3Nov-2009Evidence of subsurface anaerobic biodegradation of hydrocarbons and potential secondary methanogenesis in terrestrial mud volcanoesEtiope, G.* ; Feyzullayev, A.* ; Milkov, A. V.* ; Waseda, A.* ; Mizobe, K.* ; Sun, C. H.* 
42020Geochemistry of shale gases from around the world: Composition, origins, isotope reversals and rollovers, and implications for the exploration of shale playsMilkov, Alexei V.* ; Faiz, Mohinudeen* ; Etiope, Giuseppe* 
52005Global methane emission through mud volcanoes and its past and present impact on the Earth's climate. Comment.Milkov, A. V.* ; Etiope, G.* 
62004Methane emission from mud volcanoes in eastern AzerbaijanEtiope, G.* ; Feyzullaiev, A.* ; Baciu, C. L.* ; Milkov, A. V.* 
72004A new estimate of global methane flux from onshore and shallow submarine mud volcanoes to the atmosphereEtiope, G.* ; Milkov, A.* 
82018Revised genetic diagrams for natural gases based on a global dataset of >20,000 samplesMilkov, Alexei V.* ; Etiope, Giuseppe* 
92020Using global isotopic data to constrain the role of shale gas production in recent increases in atmospheric methaneMilkov, Alexei V.* ; Schwietzke, Stefan* ; Allen, Grant* ; Sherwood, Owen A.* ; Etiope, Giuseppe*