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Mazzoli, Stefano
Stefano Mazzoli Born in Senigallia (Ancona, Italy), 12th July 1964. EDUCATION: Imperial College, London, U.K.: Post-Doc. 1993-1994. ETH Zurich, Switzerland: Ph.D. 1989-1993. Urbino University, Italy: graduated (Italian "Laurea") June 1988. UNIVERSITY-RELATED EMPLOYMENT: Full Professor of Structural Geology, University of Naples Federico II, Italy: Present position (since 2005). Associate Professor of Geology, University of Urbino, Italy: 1998-2004. Assistant Professor of Structural Geology, University of Camerino, Italy: 1995-1998. Contract Professor for the course of Geological mapping, University of Benevento, Italy: 1995 Stefano Mazzoli has been doing research in the fields of structural geology and tectonics. PhD in structural geology at the ETH Zurich (1989-1993; supervisor: Prof. John G. Ramsay), he subsequently awarded a Royal Society post-doctoral fellowship at the Imperial College, London (1993-1994; supervisor: Prof. Mike P. Coward). He has then worked as a consultant for Enterprise Oil Exploration, before obtaining a permanent position in the Italian academia. In the last few years, S. Mazzoli has been working on deformation processes at various scales within the framework of the tectonic evolution of mountain belts, particularly in the Mediterranean area (e.g., Apennines, Betic Cordillera) and in the Carpathians, integrating structural analysis and low-T thermochronometry for the study of exhumation processes; on fault nucleation and growth processes, as well as normal fault architecture, extensional tectonics and its relationships with volcanism (as in the rift zone of central-north Iceland). The research activities have been carried out in cooperation with research groups and scientists from the UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, Poland, as well as numerous Italian institutions (e.g. Servizio Sismico Nazionale) and oil industry (e.g., Shell). Convenor of the symposium "Styles of Continental Contraction" at the International Geological Congress, Florence 2004. Editor of a book of the Geological Society of America (Special Paper 414, year 2006) on the "Styles of Continental Contraction" (S. Mazzoli & R.W.H. Butler). Awarded "Top Reviewer" for the Journal of Structural Geology, year 2007. Associate Editor of the Geological Society of America Bulletin (since January 2007). Convenor of the symposium STT-06 (Marine and Continental Fold and Thrust Belts) at the International Geological Congress, Oslo 2008. Coordinator of the Earth Sciences PhD Program at the University of Naples Federico II from 2006 to 2010. Scientific Coordinator of the MSc in Petroleum Geosciences at the University of Naples Federico II, organized in cooperation with SHELL and the University of Basilicata (2010-2011).
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