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Capraro, Luca
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1May-2011Chronology of the Lower-Middle Pleistocene succession of the south-western part of the Crotone Basin (Calabria, Southern Italy)Capraro, L.* ; Massari, F.* ; Rio, D.* ; Fornaciari, E.* ; Backman, J.* ; Channell, J. E. T.* ; Macrì, P.* ; Prosser, G.* ; Speranza, F.* 
22018Dynamics of benthic marine communities across the Early-Middle Pleistocene boundary in the Mediterranean region (Valle di Manche, Southern Italy): Biotic and stratigraphic implicationsRossi, Veronica* ; Azzarone, Michele* ; Capraro, Luca* ; Faranda, Costanza* ; Ferretti, Patrizia* ; Macrì, Patrizia* ; Scarponi, Daniele* 
3Apr-2018Early-Middle Pleistocene benthic turnover and oxygen isotope stratigraphy from the Central Mediterranean (Valle di Manche, Crotone Basin, Italy): Data and trendsAzzarone, Michele* ; Ferretti, Patrizia* ; Rossi, Veronica* ; Scarponi, Daniele* ; Capraro, Luca* ; Macrì, Patrizia* ; Huntley, John W* ; Faranda, Costanza* 
4May-2018A high-resolution record of the Matuyama-Brunhes transition from the Mediterranean region: the Valle di Manche section (Calabria, Southern Italy).Macrì, Patrizia* ; Capraro, Luca* ; Ferretti, Patrizia* ; Scarponi, Daniele* 
52-Jan-2015The lower to Middle Pleistocene Valle di Manche section (Calabria, Southern Italy): State of the art and current advancesCapraro, L.* ; Macrì, P.* ; Scarponi, D.* ; Rio, D.* 
629-Jul-2014Magnetic fabric of Plio-Pleistocene sediments from the Crotone fore-arc basin: Insights on the recent tectonic evolution of the Calabrian Arc (Italy)Macrì, P.* ; Speranza, F.* ; Capraro, L.* 
712-Nov-2019A Mediterranean perspective on 10Be, sedimentation and climate around the Matuyama/Brunhes boundary: les liaisons dangereuses?Capraro, Luca* ; Tateo, Fabio* ; Ferretti, Patrizia* ; Fornaciari, Eliana* ; Macrì, Patrizia* ; Scarponi, Daniele* ; Preto, Nereo* ; Xian, Feng* ; Kong, Xianghui* ; Xie, Xingjun* 
81-Jun-2017The Valle di Manche section (Calabria, Southern Italy): A high resolution record of the Early-Middle Pleistocene transition (MIS 21-MIS 19) in the Central MediterraneanCapraro, Luca* ; Ferretti, Patrizia* ; Macrì, Patrizia* ; Scarponi, Daniele* ; Tateo, Fabio* ; Fornaciari, Eliana* ; Bellini, Giulia* ; Dalan, Giorgia*