Scuderi, Marco Maria

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Scuderi, Marco Maria
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Bifurcations at the Stability Transition of Earthquake FaultingMele Veedu, Deepa* ; Giorgetti, Carolina* ; Scuderi, Marco* ; Barbot, Sylvain* ; Marone, Chris* ; Collettini, Cristiano* 
22018Do scaly clays control seismicity on faulted shale rocks?Orellana, Luis Felipe* ; Scuderi, Marco Maria* ; Collettini, Cristiano* ; Violay, Marie* 
3Aug-2017Evolution of shear fabric in granular fault gouge from stable sliding to stick slip and implications for fault slip modeScuderi, M. M.* ; Collettini, Cristiano* ; Viti, C.* ; Tinti, Elisa* ; Marone, C.* 
42019Experimental Insights Into Fault Reactivation in Gouge‐Filled Fault ZonesGiorgetti, Carolina* ; Tesei, Telemaco* ; Scuderi, Marco Maria* ; Collettini, Cristiano* 
52018Fluid Injection and the Mechanics of Frictional Stability of Shale-Bearing FaultsScuderi, Marco Maria* ; Collettini, Cristiano* 
6Jul-2017Friction and scale-dependent deformation processes of large experimental carbonate faultsTesei, Telemaco* ; Carpenter, Brett M.* ; Giorgetti, Carolina* ; Scuderi, Marco Maria* ; Sagy, Amir* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Collettini, Cristiano* 
72022Frictional controls on the seismogenic zone: Insights from the Apenninic basement, Central ItalyVolpe, Gianluca* ; Pozzi, Giacomo* ; Carminati, Eugenio* ; Barchi, Massimiliano Rinaldo* ; Scuderi, Marco Maria* ; Tinti, Elisa* ; Aldega, Luca* ; Marone, Chris* ; Collettini, Cristiano* 
82021Frictional properties of basalt experimental faults and implications for volcano-tectonic settings and geo-energy sitesGiacomel, Piercarlo* ; Ruggieri, Roberta* ; Scuderi, Marco Maria* ; Spagnuolo, Elena* ; Di Toro, Giulio* ; Collettini, Cristiano* 
92018Frictional Properties of Opalinus Clay: Implications for Nuclear Waste StorageOrellana, L. F.* ; Scuderi, M. M.* ; Collettini, Cristiano* ; Violay, Marie* 
101-Nov-2017Frictional stability and earthquake triggering during fluid pressure stimulation of an experimental faultScuderi, M. M.* ; Collettini, Cristiano* ; Marone, C.* 
112020Frictional Strengthening Explored During Non‐Steady State Shearing: Implications for Fault Stability and Slip Event Recurrence TimeIkari, Matt J.* ; Carpenter, Brett* ; Scuderi, Marco Maria* ; Collettini, Cristiano* ; Kopf, Achim J.* 
12Dec-2016On the evolution of elastic properties during laboratory stick-slip experiments spanning the transition from slow slip to dynamic ruptureTinti, Elisa* ; Scuderi, M. M.* ; Scognamiglio, Laura* ; Di Stefano, Giuseppe* ; Marone, C.* ; Collettini, Cristiano* 
1316-Nov-2017Physical and Transport Property Variations Within Carbonate-Bearing Fault Zones: Insights From the Monte Maggio Fault (Central Italy)Trippetta, F.* ; Carpenter, B. M.* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Scuderi, M. M.* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Collettini, Cristiano* 
14Sep-2016Precursory changes in seismic velocity for the spectrum of earthquake failure modesScuderi, M. M.* ; Marone, C.* ; Tinti, Elisa* ; Di Stefano, Giuseppe* ; Collettini, Cristiano* 
156-Nov-2021The Role of Fabric in Frictional Properties of Phyllosilicate-Rich Tectonic FaultsCollettini, Cristiano* ; Tesei, Telemaco* ; Trippetta, Fabio* ; Scuderi, Marco Maria* ; Richardson, Eliza* ; Marone, Chris* ; Pozzi, Giacomo* ; Viti, Cecilia* 
162021The role of shale content and pore-water saturation on frictional properties of simulated carbonate faultsRuggieri, Roberta* ; Scuderi, Marco Maria* ; Trippetta, Fabio* ; Tinti, Elisa* ; Brignoli, M* ; Mantica, S* ; Petroselli, S* ; Osculati, L* ; Volontè, G* ; Collettini, Cristiano* 
172020The Role of Shear Fabric in Controlling Breakdown Processes During Laboratory Slow‐Slip EventsScuderi, Marco Maria* ; Tinti, Elisa* ; Cocco, Massimo* ; Collettini, Cristiano* 
182020Slow-to-fast transition of giant creeping rockslides modulated by undrained loading in basal shear zonesAgliardi, Federico* ; Scuderi, Marco Maria* ; Fusi, Nicoletta* ; Collettini, Cristiano* 
19Mar-2019Stabilization of fault slip by fluid injection in the laboratory and in situCappa, Frédéric* ; Scuderi, Marco Maria* ; Collettini, Cristiano* ; Guglielmi, Yves* ; Avouac, Jean-Philippe* 
202018Strength evolution of simulated carbonate-bearing faults: The role of normal stress and slip velocityMercuri, Marco* ; Scuderi, Marco Maria* ; Tesei, Telemaco* ; Carminati, Eugenio* ; Collettini, Cristiano*