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Ribolini, Adriano
Ribolini R.
A. Ribolini
University Professor (Associate) Geomorphology, Geophysical Applications to Geomorphology University of Pisa Department of Earth Sciences -1995 Master degree in Earth Sciences (University of Pisa) -1997 Visiting researcher in the Department of Geography, University of Zurich, thanks to the Short Term Mobility Program of Italian National Council of Research (CNR) - 1999 PhD in Earth Sciences (University of Pisa), defending a thesis titles: "Tectonic geomorphology of SE Argentera Massif, Maritime Alps (Italy)" -1999-2003 Assistant researcher, Department of Earth Science, University of Pisa - since 2004 Researcher (permanent staff), Department of Earth Sciences, University of Pisa - 2006 Visiting researcher in the CNAM Institute (Paris) thanks to the Short Term Mobility Program of Italian National Council of Research (CNR) - since 2006 Secretary of Master Degree in "Applied and Exploration Geophysics" - since 2010 Country Member (Italy) in the International Permafrost Association - since 2011 Head of Georadar Section of the Geophysical Laboratory (Department of Earth Sciences, University of Pisa) - 2012 vice-President of PhD School in Geological Sciences (University of Pisa-Siena-Florence) - 2015 Associate Professor PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (COORDINATOR) OF RECENT SCIENTIFIC PROJECTS 2011 - "Urban assessment of the Roma city of Luni: shallow geophysics investigations", UNIPI-Province of La Spezia (Italy). (ended) 2012 - "Testing new high-resolution Georadar techniques in archaeological contexts" UNIPI-CaRiLu Private Institute. (ongoing) 2013 - "Building a protocol for shallow geophysics prospecting in archaeology" UNIPI- Italian Superintendence for Archaeological Heritages. (ongoing) CO-INVESTIGATOR (MEMBER) OF RECENT SCIENTIFIC PROJECTS 2011 - "The effect of climate variability across the Alps on the ages, number and size of glacier advances associated to the Younger Dryas". Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre (SUERC), Near Cosmogenic Isotope Analysis Facility (PI, M. Spagnolo, Univ. of Aberdeen) 2012 - "Climate change impacts on the Alpine system: Geomorphological evolution of glacial environment since the Little Ice Age, permafrost degradation and monitoring of the ongoing criospheric processes". PRIN (PI C. Baroni). (ongoing) 2012 - "Using glacier-climate proxies to model the Younger Dryas climate in Europe". Funded by The Leverhulme Trust-International Network Grant. Universities of Aberdeen (PI B. Rea), Pisa (CI A. Ribolini), Manchester, London, Zurich, Amsterdam, Bergen. RESEARCH INTERESTS - Periglacial/permafrost geomorphology. Researches are undertaken in several sectors of Western Alps, in the Central Alps and in the Wrangell-St Ellias (Alaska-Yukon) Range. The aims are to study the presence in the rock glacier and its transformation forced by the environmental changes. Relations between the glacier expansions/retreats in the last 10 Ka and permafrost dynamics were analyzed. The investigation are based on geomorphology mapping, micro-thermal analysis (ground thermal behavior of rock glaciers) and geophysical prospections (geoelectrical tomography, ground penetrating radar). Reserches are ongoing on the periglacial features along the Atlantic Patagonian coast (Argentina), where ground wedges are examined to understand their environmental relevance via analysis of sedimentary characteristics, microscopic shape of quartz grains and relations with the marine deposits. - Glacial Geomorphology. The research are undertaken in the Western Alps, where the reconstruction of the deglaciation phases post Last Glacial Maximum are based on cosmogenic isotopes ages (Be-10). Specifically, the most relevant phases of glacial advances of Late Pleistocene were dated. Late Pleistocene phases of glacial advances in Macedonia, along with the estimation of the palaeoclimatic condition and the correlation with other mountain ranges of Balkans. - Tectonic geomorphology of the Argentera Massif. The geomorphological and geological mapping, along with the geomorphometry analysis allowed i) to identify the structural grain related to the Alpine tectonic and ii) to constrain crustal sectors with differential kinematics. - Shallow geophysics and Geomorphology - Application of GPR, ERT and Reflection Seismic methods to various geomorphological features (coastal dunes, beach deposits, landslides, glacial deposits, rock glaciers) and geoarchaeology contexts in order to reconstruct subsurface structures and to characterized landforms formative processes and recent environmental evolutions. - Slope instability. Rapid kinematic phenomena (debris flows) occurring in the waste deposits of quarries. Large mass movements in the Apennine chain and related hazard. Combined use of geomorphology-geomechanic-geostatistic to build maps of potential instability. - Geomorphological mapping.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Challenges in relative sea-level change assessment highlighted through a case study: The central coast of Atlantic PatagoniaPappalardo, Marta* ; Baroni, Carlo* ; Bini, Monica* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Ribolini, Adriano* ; Salvatore, Maria Cristina* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* 
22015Coastal landscape evolution and sea-level change: a case study from Central Patagonia (Argentina)Pappalardo, Marta* ; Aguirre, Marina* ; Bini, Monica* ; Consoloni, Ilaria* ; Fuck, Enrique* ; Hellstrom, John* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Ribolini, Adriano* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* 
32018Evidence for a Younger Dryas deglaciation in the Galicica Mountains (FYROM) from cosmogenic 36 ClGromig, Raphael* ; Mechernich, Silke* ; Ribolini, Adriano* ; Wagner, Bernd* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Bini, Monica* ; Dunai, Tibor* 
42018Geochemical characteristics of the infilling of ground wedges at Puerto Deseado (Santa Cruz, Argentina): palaeoenvironmental and chronological implicationsZanchetta, Giovanni* ; Ribolini, Adriano* ; Ferrari, Matteo* ; Bini, Monica* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Lezzerini, Marco* ; Baroni, Carlo* ; Salvatore, Maria Cristina* ; Pappalardo, Marta* ; Fuck, Enrique* ; Boretto, Gabriella* 
52017Geomorphology of the Ceyhan River lower plain (Adana Region, Turkey)Isola, Ilaria* ; Bini, Monica* ; Ribolini, Adriano* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; D’Agata, Anna Lucia* 
62021Geomorphology of the topmost part of the Bistra Mountain, Mavrovo Park, North MacedoniaIsola, Ilaria* ; Ribolini, Adriano* ; Bini, Monica* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Milevski, Ivica* 
72017GPR versus Geoarchaeological Findings in a Complex Archaeological Site (Badia Pozzeveri, Italy)Ribolini, Adriano* ; Bini, Monica* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Coschino, Francesco* ; Baroni, Carlo* ; Salvatore, Maria Cristina* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Fornaciari, Antonio* 
82021A Holocene tephra layer within coastal aeolian deposits north of Caleta Olivia (Santa Cruz Province, Argentina)Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Pappalardo, Marta* ; Di Roberto, Alessio* ; Bini, Monica* ; Arienzo, Ilenia* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Ribolini, Adriano* ; Boretto, Gabriella* ; Fucks, Enrique* ; Mele, Daniela* ; D'Orazio, Massimo* ; Marzaioli, Fabio* ; Passariello, Isabella* 
92018Identification of Leveled Archeological Mounds (Höyük) in the Alluvial Plain of the Ceyhan River (Southern Turkey) by Satellite Remote-Sensing AnalysesBini, Monica* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Ribolini, Adriano* ; Ciampalini, Andrea* ; Baneschi, Ilaria* ; Mele, Daniela* ; D’Agata, Anna Lucia* 
102017Last Interglacial sea-level highstand deduced from notches and inner margins of marine terraces at Puerto Deseado, Santa Cruz Province, ArgentinaBini, Monica* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Ribolini, Adriano* ; Salvatore, Maria Cristina* ; Baroni, Carlo* ; Pappalardo, Marta* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Isla, Federico Ignacio* ; Fuck, Enrique* ; Boretto, Gabriella* ; Morigi, Caterina* ; Ragaini, Luca* ; Marzaioli, Fabio* ; Passariello, Isabella* 
112016Late‐pleistocene wedge structures along the patagonian coast (argentina): chronological constraints and palaeo‐environmental implicationsRibolini, Adriano* ; Bini, Monica* ; Consoloni, Ilaria* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Pappalardo, Marta* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Fuck, Enrique* ; Panzieri, Laura* ; Martini, Marco* ; Terrasi, Filippo* 
122018Mid-Holocene relative sea-level changes along Atlantic Patagonia: New data from Camarones, Chubut, ArgentinaBini, Monica* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Pappalardo, Marta* ; Ribolini, Adriano* ; Ragaini, Luca* ; Baroni, Carlo* ; Boretto, Gabriella* ; Fuck, Enrique* ; Morigi, Caterina* ; Salvatore, Maria Cristina* ; Bassi, Davide* ; Marzaioli, Fabio* ; Terrasi, Filippo* 
132017New findings of the Campanian Ignimbrite ash within slope deposits of the Treska valley (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)Sulpizio, Roberto* ; Milevski, Ivica* ; Ribolini, Adriano* ; Regattieri, Eleonora* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Bini, Monica* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* 
142018An Oldest Dryas glacier expansion on Mount Pelister (Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia) according to10Be cosmogenic datingRibolini, Adriano* ; Bini, Monica* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Spagnolo, Matteo* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Pellitero, Ramón* ; Mechernich, Silke* ; Gromig, Raphael* ; Dunai, Tibor* ; Wagner, Bernd* ; Milevski, Ivica*