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Mitchell, Thomas M.
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1Dec-2022Along-strike architectural variability of an exhumed crustal-scale seismogenic fault (Bolfin Fault Zone, Atacama Fault System, Chile)Masoch, Simone* ; Fondriest, Michele* ; Gomila, Rodrigo* ; Jensen, Erik* ; Mitchell, Thomas M.* ; Cembrano, Jose* ; Pennacchioni, Giorgio* ; Di Toro, Giulio* 
22019Earthquake lubrication and healing explained by amorphous nanosilicaRowe, Christie D.* ; Lamothe, Kesley* ; Rempe, Marieke* ; Andrews, Mark* ; Mitchell, Thomas M.* ; Di Toro, Giulio* ; White, Joseph Clancy* ; Aretusini, Stefano* 
32017The effect of water on strain localization in calcite fault gouge sheared at seismic slip ratesRempe, Marieke* ; Smith, Steven* ; Mitchell, Thomas* ; Hirose, Takehiro* ; Di Toro, Giulio* 
42011Fault lubrication and earthquake propagation in thermally unstable rocksDe Paola, N.* ; Hirose, T.* ; Mitchell, T.* ; Di Toro, G.* ; Viti, C.* ; Shimamoto, T.* 
511-May-2023Friction Experiments on Lunar Analog Gouges and Implications for the Mechanism of the Apollo 17 Long Runout LandslideMagnarini, Giulia* ; Aretusini, Stefano* ; Mitchell, Thomas M.* ; Pennacchioni, Giorgio* ; Di Toro, Giulio* ; Schmitt, Harrison* 
6Jul-2021Frictional Melting in Hydrothermal Fluid-Rich Faults: Field and Experimental Evidence From the Bolfín Fault Zone (Chile)Gomila, Rodrigo* ; Fondriest, Michele* ; Jensen, Erik* ; Spagnuolo, Elena* ; Masoch, Simone* ; Mitchell, Thomas M.* ; Magnarini, Giulia* ; Bistacchi, Andrea* ; Mittempergher, Silvia* ; Faulkner, Daniel* ; Cembrano, Jose* ; Di Toro, Giulio* 
715-Oct-2020Influence of Effective Stress and Pore Fluid Pressure on Fault Strength and Slip Localization in Carbonate Slip ZonesRempe, Marieke* ; Di Toro, Giulio* ; Mitchell, Thomas M.* ; Smith, Steven A.F.* ; Hirose, Takehiro* ; Renner, Joerg* 
827-Sep-2018The Relationship Between Microfracture Damage and the Physical Properties of Fault-Related Rocks: The Gole Larghe Fault Zone, Italian Southern AlpsRempe, Marieke* ; Mitchell, Thomas M.* ; Renner, Jörg* ; Smith, Steven A. F.* ; Bistacchi, Andrea* ; Di Toro, Giulio* 
92017Static versus dynamic fracturing in shallow carbonate fault zonesFondriest, Michele* ; Doan, Mai-Linh* ; Aben, Frans* ; Fusseis, Florian* ; Mitchell, Thomas M.* ; Voorn, Maarten* ; Secco, Michele* ; Di Toro, Giulio* 
10Aug-2021Structural Evolution of a Crustal-Scale Seismogenic Fault in a Magmatic Arc: The Bolfin Fault Zone (Atacama Fault System)Masoch, Simone* ; Gomila, Rodrigo* ; Fondriest, Michele* ; Jensen, Erik* ; Mitchell, Thomas M.* ; Pennacchioni, Giorgio* ; Cembrano, Jose* ; Di Toro, Giulio* 
11Apr-2013The structure of an exhumed intraplate seismogenic fault in crystalline basementSmith, S. A. F.* ; Bistacchi, A.* ; Mitchell, T.* ; Mittempergher, S.* ; Di Toro, G.*