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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2012Greenland uplift and regional sea–level changes from ICESat observations and GIA modelingSpada, G.* ; Ruggieri, G.* ; Sorensen, L. S.* ; Nielsen, K.* ; Melini, D.* ; Colleoni, F.* 
228-Mar-2017Ice flux evolution in fast flowing areas of the Greenland ice sheet over the 20th and 21st centuriesPeano, Daniele* ; Colleoni, Florence* ; Quiquet, Aurélien* ; Masina, Simona* 
3Dec-2014Impact of Orbital Parameters and Greenhouse Gas on the Climate of MIS 7 and MIS 5 Glacial InceptionsColleoni, F.* ; Masina, S.* ; Cherchi, A.* ; Iovino, D.* 
4Jan-2012Mediterranean sapropels: a mere geological problem or a resource for the study of a changing planet?Negri, A.* ; Colleoni, F.* ; Masina, S.* 
57-Feb-2014Modeling Northern Hemisphere ice-sheet distribution during MIS 5 and MIS 7 glacial inceptionsColleoni, F.* ; Masina, S.* ; Cherchi, A.* ; Navarra, A.* ; Ritz, C.* ; Peyaud, V.* ; Otto-Bliesner, B.* 
6Feb-2012Plio-Pliocene high-low latitude climate interplay: a Mediterranean point of viewColleoni, F.* ; Masina, S.* ; Negri, A.* ; Marzocchi, A.* 
72018Remote SST forcing on Indian summer monsoon extreme years in AGCM experimentsCherchi, Annalisa* ; Kucharski, Fred* ; Colleoni, Florence* 
8Feb-2014Response to comment by Hilgen et al.: Integrated stratigraphy and pitfalls of automated tuningColleoni, F.* ; Masina, S.* ; Negri, A.* ; Marzocchi, A.* 
92011The sensitivity of the Late Saalian (140 ka) and LGM (21 ka) Eurasian ice sheets to sea surface conditionsColleoni, F.* ; Liakka, J.* ; Krinner, G.* ; Jakobsson, M.* ; Masina, S.* ; Peyaud, V.* 
102021Tephrochronology and Provenance of an Early Pleistocene (Calabrian) Tephra From IODP Expedition 374 Site U1524, Ross Sea (Antarctica)Di Roberto, Alessio* ; Scateni, Bianca* ; Di Vincenzo, Gianfranco* ; Petrelli, Maurizio* ; Fisauli, Giulia* ; Barker, Simon J* ; Del Carlo, Paola* ; Colleoni, Florence* ; Kulhanek, Denise* ; McKay, Robert* ; De Santis, Laura* ; The IODP Expedition 374 Scientific Party, .* 
112014Vertical ground displacement at Campi Flegrei (Italy) in the fifth century: Rapid subsidence driven by pore pressure dropTodesco, Micol* ; Costa, Antonio* ; Comastri, Alberto* ; Colleoni, Florence* ; Spada, Giorgio* ; Quareni, Francesca*