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Ligi, Marco
Marco Ligi is presently Senior Research Scientist at the Institute of Marine Sciences, National Research Council (CNR) in Bologna. His scientific career started in La Spezia at ENEA as consultant on database management systems, at Rice University (Houston, Texas - USA) as one-year Visiting Research Scientist on seismic data processing, and for over 20 years, at the Institute of Marine Sciences. His research interests started with numerical cartography and database management systems, in particular having responsibility for the Catalogue of Italian historical earthquakes and for the Italian Seas bathymetry database. Soon he shifted to geophysics and structural aspects of the origin and evolution of the ocean basins, using as tools multibeam and multichannel seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation; inversion and modelling of magnetic and gravity data, and geophysical modelling. He then did research on tectonics and evolution of mid-ocean ridges and oceanic transform plate boundaries. He directed field work in the Bouvet Triple Junction region of the South Atlantic, and developed a model on the evolution of Triple Points, that was published by Science. Following field work in the eqautorial Atlantic and in the Andrew Bain Fracture Zone (South West Indian Ridge) he developed the concept of oceanic “megatrasform”: a new type of plate boundary, published in Geology. He developed models on the thermal structure and melting patterns of the sub-ridge mantle in the vicinity of megatransforms in a paper published by Nature. He directed fiekd work that led to the discovery of temporal variations in degree of melting at a segment of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge during 25 million years; articles in Nature and other journals reported on this discovery. He directed field work in the Red Sea, that led to a model of transition from continental to oceanic rifting, published in Geology. Current research is focused on geophysics of basic processes at accretionary plate boundaries such as mantle flow and melting modelling; recently he has been working on modelling temporal variations of seawater composition due to mantle/ocean chemical exchanges by hydration of oceanic mantle. He led several oceanographic expeditions in the Mediterranean, and the Atlantic and Indian Oceans; he wrote over 110 scientific papers: of these 52 are in ISI journals and 4 in journals such as Nature and Science. He supervised several graduate students from Universities of Bologna, Modena, Bari and Rome, and served in many committees and panels. In 2013 he was nominated SGI-SIMP-SPI Distinguished Lecturer. In 2016 he was aworded "Prof. Luigi Tartufari" International Prize in Geosciences by Italian Academy of Sciences (Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei).
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
118-Aug-2012Birth of an ocean in the Red Sea: Initial pangsLigi, M.* ; Bonatti, E.* ; Bortoluzzi, G.* ; Cipriani, A.* ; Cocchi, L.* ; Caratori Tontini, F.* ; Carminati, E.* ; Ottolini, L.* ; Schettino, A.* 
22019The Bortoluzzi Mud Volcano (Ionian Sea, Italy) and its potential for tracking the seismic cycle of active faultsCuffaro, Marco* ; Billi, Andrea* ; Bigi, Sabina* ; Bosman, Alessandro* ; Caruso, Cinzia* ; Conti, Alessia* ; Corbo, Andrea* ; Costanza, Antonio* ; D'Anna, Giuseppe* ; Doglioni, Carlo* ; Esestime, Paolo* ; Fertitta, Gioacchino* ; Gasperini, Luca* ; Italiano, Francesco* ; Lazzaro, Gianluca* ; Ligi, Marco* ; Longo, Manfredi* ; Martorelli, Eleonora* ; Petracchini, Lorenzo* ; Petricca, Patrizio* ; Polonia, Alina* ; Sgroi, Tiziana* 
327-Nov-2019Fault-controlled deep hydrothermal flow in a back-arc tectonic setting, SE Tyrrhenian SeaLoreto, Maria Filomena* ; Düşünür-Doğan, Doğa* ; Üner, Serkan* ; İşcan-Alp, Yeliz* ; Ocakoğlu, Neslihan* ; Cocchi, Luca* ; Muccini, Filippo* ; Giordano, Patrizia* ; Ligi, Marco* 
41993Foreland deformational pattern in the Southern Adriatic SeaArgnani, A.* ; Favali, P.* ; Frugoni, F.* ; Gasperini, M.* ; Ligi, M.* ; Marani, M.* ; Mattietti, G.* ; Mele, G.* 
51994Foreland tectonics in the southern Adriatic SeaArgnani, A.* ; Bortoluzzi, G.* ; Favali, P.* ; Frugoni, F.* ; Gasperini, M.* ; Ligi, M.* ; Marani, M.* ; Mattietti, G.* ; Mele, G.* 
64-Oct-2011Initial burst of oceanic crust accretion in the Red Sea due to edge driven mantle convectionLigi, M.* ; Bonatti, E.* ; Caratori Tontini, F.* ; Cipriani, A.* ; Cocchi, L.* ; Schettino, A.* ; Bortoluzzi, G.* ; Ferrante, V.* ; Khalil, S.* ; Mitchell, N.* ; Rasul, N.* 
72010Interactions between volcanism and tctonics in the western Aeolian sector, southern Tyrrhenian SeaBortoluzzi, G.* ; Ligi, M.* ; Romagnoli, C.* ; Cocchi, L.* ; Casalbore, D.* ; Sgroi, T.* ; Cuffaro, M.* ; Caratori Tontini, F.* ; D'Oriano, F.* ; Ferrante, V.* ; Remia, A.* ; Riminucci, F.* 
82020Large-scale structure of the Doldrums multi-fault transform system (7-8ºN equatorial atlantic): preliminary results from the 45th expedition of the r/v a.N. StrakhovSkolotnev, Sergey G* ; Sanfilippo, Alessio* ; Peyve, Alexander A* ; Muccini, Filippo* ; Sokolov, Sergey Yu* ; Sani, Camilla* ; Dobroliubova, Kseniia O* ; Ferrando, Carlotta* ; Chamov, Nikolai P* ; Palmiotto, Camilla* ; Pertsev, Alexey N* ; Bonatti, Enrico* ; Cuffaro, Marco* ; Gryaznova, Anastasiya C* ; Sholukhov, Konstantin N* ; Bich, Artem S* ; Ligi, Marco* 
9Dec-2014Mapping of seafloor hydrothermally altered rocks using geophysical methods: Marsili and Palinuro seamounts, Southern Tyrrhenian SeaLigi, M.* ; Cocchi, L.* ; Bortoluzzi, G.* ; D'Oriano, F.* ; Muccini, F.* ; Caratori Tontini, F.* ; de Ronde, C.* ; Carmisciano, C.* 
10Dec-2014Near-Bottom Magnetic Signatures of Submarine Hydrothermal Systems at Marsili and Palinuro Volcanoes, Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, ItalyCaratori Tontini, F.* ; Bortoluzzi, G.* ; Carmisciano, C.* ; Cocchi, L.* ; de Ronde, C.* ; Ligi, M.* ; Muccini, F.* 
1120-Jul-2020Neotectonics of the Sea of Galilee (northeast Israel): implication for geodynamics and seismicity along the Dead Sea Fault systemGasperini, Luca* ; Lazar, Michael* ; Mazzini, Adriano* ; Lupi, Matteo* ; Haddad, Antoine* ; Hensen, Christian* ; Schmidt, Mark* ; Caracausi, Antonio* ; Ligi, Marco* ; Polonia, Alina* 
124-Feb-2010Potential Field modeling of collapse-prone submarine volcanoes in the southern Tyrrhenian Sea (Italy)Caratori Tontini, F.* ; Cocchi, L.* ; Muccini, F.* ; Carmisciano, C.* ; Marani, M. P.* ; Bonatti, E.* ; Ligi, M.* ; Boschi, E.* 
132020Potential mass movements on the Palinuro volcanic chain (southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy) and consequent tsunami generationGallotti, Glauco* ; Passaro, S.* ; Armigliato, Alberto* ; Zaniboni, Filippo* ; Pagnoni, Gianluca* ; Wang, L.* ; Sacchi, Marco* ; Tinti, Stefano* ; Ligi, Marco* ; Ventura, Guido* 
142021SEAFLOOR SPREADING AND TECTONICS AT THE CHARLIE GIBBS TRANSFORM SYSTEM (52-53ºN, MID ATLANTIC RIDGE): PRELIMINARY RESULTS FROM R/V A. N. STRAKHOV EXPEDITION S50Skolotnev, Sergey* ; Sanfilippo, Alessio* ; Peyve, Alexander* ; Nestola, Yago* ; Sokolov, Sergey* ; Petracchini, Lorenzo* ; Dobrolyubova, Kseniya* ; Basch, Valentin* ; Pertsev, Alexey* ; Ferrando, Carlotta* ; Ivanenko, Alexander* ; Sani, Camilla* ; Razumovskiy, Anatoly* ; Muccini, Filippo* ; Bich, Artem S* ; Palmiotto, Camilla* ; Brusilovsky, Yuri V* ; Bonatti, Enrico* ; Sholukhov, Konstantin N* ; Cuffaro, Marco* ; Veklich, Ilya A* ; Dobrolyubov, Vitaly N* ; Ligi, Marco* 
1522-Jul-2008Seismic Tomography Experiment at Italy's Stromboli VolcanoCastellano, M.* ; Augusti, V.* ; De Cesare, W.* ; Favali, P.* ; Frugoni, F.* ; Montuori, C.* ; Sgroi, T.* ; De Gori, P.* ; Govoni, A.* ; Moretti, M.* ; Patanè, D.* ; Cocina, O.* ; Zuccarello, L.* ; Marsella, E.* ; Aiello, G.* ; Di Fiore, V.* ; Ligi, M.* ; Bortoluzzi, G.* ; Ferrante, V.* ; Marchetti, E.* ; Lacanna, G.* ; Ulivieri, G.* 
162020The SEISMOFAULTS project: First surveys and preliminary results for the Ionian Sea area, Southern ItalyBilli, Andrea* ; Cuffaro, Marco* ; Beranzoli, Laura* ; Bigi, Sabina* ; Bosman, Alessandro* ; Caruso, Cinzia* ; Conti, Alessia* ; Corbo, Andrea* ; Costanza, Antonio* ; D'Anna, Giuseppe* ; De Caro, Mariagrazia* ; Doglioni, Carlo* ; Embriaco, Davide* ; Fertitta, Gioacchino* ; Frugoni, Francesco* ; Gasperini, Luca* ; Italiano, Francesco* ; Lazzaro, Gianluca* ; Ligi, Marco* ; Martorelli, Eleonora* ; Monna, Stephen* ; Montuori, Caterina* ; Nigrelli, Alessandra* ; Passafiume, Giuseppe* ; Petracchini, Lorenzo* ; Petricca, Patrizio* ; Polonia, Alina* ; Proietti, Giampaolo* ; Ruggiero, Livio* ; Sgroi, Tiziana* ; Tartarello, Maria Chiara* 
172017Styles and rates of deformation in the frontal accretionary wedge of the Calabrian Arc (Ionian Sea): controls exerted by the structure of the lower African plateBortoluzzi, G.* ; Polonia, A.* ; Torelli, L.* ; Artoni, A.* ; Carlini, M.* ; Carone, S.* ; Carrara, G.* ; Cuffaro, M.* ; Del Bianco, F.* ; D'Oriano, F.* ; Ferrante, V.* ; Gasperini, L.* ; Ivaldi, R.* ; La Terra, A.* ; Ligi, M.* ; Locritani, M.* ; Muccini, F.* ; Mussoni, P.* ; Priore, F.* ; Riminucci, F.* ; Romano, S.* ; Stanghellini, G.* 
18Dec-2012The tectonic puzzle of the Messina area (Southern Italy): Insights from new seismic reflection dataDoglioni, C.* ; Ligi, M.* ; Scrocca, D.* ; Bigi, S.* ; Bortoluzzi, G.* ; Carminati, E.* ; Cuffaro, M.* ; D' Oriano, F.* ; Forleo, V.* ; Muccini, F.* ; Riguzzi, F.* 
19Jun-2001Tectonics and seismicity of the ApulianRidge south of Salento peninsula(Southern Italy)Argnani, A.* ; Frugoni, F.* ; Cosi, R.* ; Ligi, M.* ; Favali, P.* 
201996Tettonica dell'Adriatico meridionaleArgnani, A.* ; Favali, P.* ; Frugoni, F.* ; Gasperini, M.* ; Ligi, M.* ; Marani, M.* ; Mele, G.*