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Ligas, Paola
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
129-Oct-2019Characterization of Rock Samples by a High-Resolution Multi-Technique Non-Invasive ApproachFais, Silvana* ; Cuccuru, Francesco* ; Casula, Giuseppe* ; Bianchi, Maria Giovanna* ; Ligas, Paola* 
227-Nov-2019A Contribution to the Geological Characterization of a Potential Caprock-Reservoir System in the Sulcis Coal Basin (South-Western Sardinia)Fais, Silvana* ; Casula, Giuseppe* ; Cuccuru, Francesco* ; Ligas, Paola* ; Bianchi, Maria Giovanna* ; Plaisant, Alberto* ; Pettinau, Alberto* 
32015Detailed Petrophysical and Geophysical Characterization of Core Samples from the Potential Caprock-reservoir System in the Sulcis Coal Basin (Southwestern Sardinia – Italy)Fais, Silvana* ; Ligas, Paola* ; Cuccuru, Francesco* ; Maggio, Enrico* ; Plaisant, Alberto* ; Pettinau, Alberto* ; Casula, Giuseppe* ; Bianchi, Maria Giovanna* 
4Sep-2009An experimental application of a 3D terrestrial laser scanner and acoustic techniques in assessing the quality of the stones used in monumental structuresCasula, G.* ; Fais, S.* ; Ligas, P.* 
528-Oct-2020High resolution 3-D modelling of cylinder shape bodies applied to ancient columns of a churchCasula, Giuseppe* ; Cuccuru, Francesco* ; Bianchi, Maria Giovanna* ; Fais, Silvana* ; Ligas, Paola* 
612-Mar-2018An innovative methodology for the non-destructive diagnosis of architectural elements of ancient historical buildingsFais, Silvana* ; Casula, Giuseppe* ; Cuccuru, Francesco* ; Ligas, Paola* ; Bianchi, Maria Giovanna* 
72017Integrated ultrasonic, laser scanning and petrographical characterisation of carbonate building materials on an architectural structure of a historic buildingFais, Silvana* ; Cuccuru, Francesco* ; Ligas, Paola* ; Casula, Giuseppe* ; Bianchi, Maria Giovanna* 
827-Jul-2018Three-dimensional imaging from laser scanner, photogrammetric and acoustic non-destructive techniques in the characterization of stone building materialsBianchi, Maria Giovanna* ; Casula, Giuseppe* ; Cuccuru, Francesco* ; Fais, Silvana* ; Ligas, Paola* ; Ferrara, Concetta*