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1201520 March 2015 solar eclipse influence on sporadic E layerPezzopane, M.* ; Pietrella, M.* ; Pignalberi, A.* ; Tozzi, R.* 
21-Jan-2021Can an impulsive variation of the solar wind plasma pressure trigger a plasma bubble? A case study based on CSES, Swarm and THEMIS dataPiersanti, Mirko* ; Pezzopane, Michael* ; Zhima, Zeren* ; Diego, Piero* ; Xiong, C* ; Tozzi, Roberta* ; Pignalberi, Alessio* ; D'Angelo, Giulia* ; Battiston, Roberto* ; Huang, J* ; Picozza, P.* ; Rui, Y* ; Shen, Xuhui* ; Sparvoli, Roberta* ; Ubertini, Pietro* ; Yang, Y.* ; Zoffoli, Simona* 
32021Climatological study of the ion temperature in the ionosphere as recorded by Millstone Hill incoherent scatter radar and comparison with the IRI modelPignalberi, Alessio* ; Aksonova, Kateryna D* ; Zhang, Shun-Rong* ; Truhlik, Vladimir* ; Gurram, Padma* ; Pavlou, Charalambos* 
415-May-2018A comparative study of ionospheric IRIEup and ISP assimilative models during some intense and severe geomagnetic stormsPietrella, Marco* ; Pignalberi, Alessio* ; Pezzopane, Michael* ; Pignatelli, Alessandro* ; Azzarone, Adriano* ; Rizzi, Rolando* 
528-May-2016Comparison between IRI and preliminary Swarm Langmuir probe measurements during the St. Patrick storm periodPignalberi, A.* ; Pezzopane, M.* ; Tozzi, R.* ; De Michelis, P.* ; Coco, I.* 
6Jan-2018Correction to: Effective Solar Indices for Ionospheric Modeling: A Review and a Proposal for a Real-Time Regional IRIPignalberi, Alessio* ; Pezzopane, Michael* ; Rizzi, R.* ; Galkin, I.* 
72021Dependence of Parallel Electrical Conductivity in the Topside Ionosphere on Solar and Geomagnetic ActivityGiannattasio, Fabio* ; Pignalberi, Alessio* ; De Michelis, Paola* ; Coco, Igino* ; Consolini, Giuseppe* ; Pezzopane, Michael* ; Tozzi, Roberta* 
82021Echo occurrence in the southern polar ionosphere for the SuperDARN Dome C East and Dome C North radarsMarcucci, Maria Federica* ; Coco, Igino* ; Massetti, Stefano* ; Pignalberi, Alessio* ; Forsythe, Victoriya* ; Pezzopane, Michael* ; Koustov, Alexander* ; Longo, Simona* ; Biondi, David* ; Simeoli, Enrico* ; Consolini, Giuseppe* ; Laurenza, Monica* ; Marchaudon, Aurélie* ; Satta, Andrea Ercole* ; Cirioni, Alessandro* ; De Simone, Angelo* ; Olivieri, Angelo* ; Baù, Alessandro* ; Salvati, Alberto* 
9Jan-2018Effective Solar Indices for Ionospheric Modeling: A Review and a Proposal for a Real-Time Regional IRIPignalberi, Alessio* ; Pezzopane, Michael* ; Rizzi, R.* ; Galkin, I.* 
10Aug-2019The ESA Swarm mission to help ionospheric modeling: a new NeQuick topside formulation for mid-latitude regionsPezzopane, Michael* ; Pignalberi, Alessio* 
1110-Jun-2020From the Sun to Earth: effects of the 25 August 2018 geomagnetic stormPiersanti, Mirko* ; De Michelis, Paola* ; Del Moro, Dario* ; Tozzi, Roberta* ; Pezzopane, Michael* ; Consolini, Giuseppe* ; Marcucci, Maria Federica* ; Laurenza, Monica* ; Di Matteo, Simone* ; Pignalberi, Alessio* ; Quattrociocchi, Virgilio* ; Diego, Piero* 
122021Ground and satellite-based observations of ionospheric plasma bubbles and blobs at 5.65° latitude in the Brazilian sectorAgyei-Yeboah, Ebenezer* ; Fagundes, Paulo Roberto* ; Tardelli, Alexandre* ; Pillat, Valdir Gil* ; Pignalberi, Alessio* ; Kavutarapu, Venkatesh* ; Pezzopane, Michael* ; Vieira, Francisco* 
1319-Nov-2018Improvements and validation of the IRI UP method under moderate, strong, and severe geomagnetic stormsPignalberi, Alessio* ; Pietrella, Marco* ; Pezzopane, Michael* ; Rizzi, Rolando* 
1419-Sep-2022Inter-Calibration and Statistical Validation of Topside Ionosphere Electron Density Observations Made by CSES-01 MissionPignalberi, Alessio* ; Pezzopane, Michael* ; Coco, Igino* ; Piersanti, Mirko* ; Giannattasio, Fabio* ; De Michelis, Paola* ; Tozzi, Roberta* ; Consolini, Giuseppe* 
15Jul-2021Investigating different vTEC calibration methods for data assimilation in ionospheric empirical modelsPignalberi, Alessio* ; Pietrella, Marco* ; Pezzopane, Michael* ; Habarulema, John Bosco* 
16Jun-2021Investigation of the Physical Processes Involved in GNSS Amplitude Scintillations at High Latitude: A Case StudyD'Angelo, Giulia* ; Piersanti, Mirko* ; Pignalberi, Alessio* ; Coco, Igino* ; De Michelis, Paola* ; Tozzi, Roberta* ; Pezzopane, Michael* ; Alfonsi, Lucilla* ; Cilliers, Pierre* ; Ubertini, Pietro* 
17Jul-2020Ionospheric disturbances in a large area of the terrestrial globe by two strong solar flares of September 6, 2017, the strongest space weather events in the last decadeFagundes, P. R.* ; Pezzopane, Michael* ; Habarulema, John Bosco* ; Venkatesh, K.* ; Dias, M. A. L.* ; Tardelli, A.* ; de Abreu, A. J.* ; Pillat, V. G.* ; Pignalberi, Alessio* ; Bolzan, M. J. A.* ; Ribeiro, B. A. G.* ; Vieira, F.* ; Raulin, Jean-Pierre* ; Denardini, C. M.* ; Arcanjo, M. O.* ; Seemala, G. K.* 
1813-Jun-2022The Ionospheric Equivalent Slab Thickness: A Review Supported by a Global Climatological Study Over Two Solar CyclesPignalberi, Alessio* ; Pietrella, Marco* ; Pezzopane, Michael* ; Nava, Bruno* ; Cesaroni, Claudio* 
1918-Feb-2021Ionospheric Turbulence and the Equatorial Plasma Density Irregularities: Scaling Features and RODIDe Michelis, Paola* ; Consolini, Giuseppe* ; Tozzi, Roberta* ; Pignalberi, Alessio* ; Pezzopane, Michael* ; Coco, Igino* ; Giannattasio, Fabio* ; Marcucci, Maria Federica* 
20Jul-2022Ionospheric Turbulence: A Challenge for GPS Loss of Lock UnderstandingDe Michelis, Paola* ; Consolini, Giuseppe* ; Pignalberi, Alessio* ; Lovati, Giulia* ; Pezzopane, Michael* ; Tozzi, Roberta* ; Giannattasio, Fabio* ; Coco, Igino* ; Marcucci, Maria Federica*