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Rebesco, Michele
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Education: 1989: Laurea (M.Sc.) in Geological Sciences, University of Parma, Italy 1996: Dottorato di Ricerca (PhD) in Earth Sciences, University of Parma, Italy Experience: September 1989 - November 1990 Professional collaboration for report editing (lakes of northern Appennines), Biology institute, University of Parma, Italy November 1990 - November1992. EC GEOSCIENCE Program fellowship (Exploration Oriented Seismic modeling and inversion) at OGS December 1992 - January 1993. Professional collaboration for seismic interpretation for preparation of ODP proposal n°330. Geology Deparment, University of Milano, Italy October 1993 - November 1993. Guest researcher for the interpretation of seismic reflection data on the Pacific margin of the Antarctic Peninsula. British Antarctic Survey (Cambridge, U.K). August 1996 - August 2001. Temporary Scientist at OGS August 2001 - December 2008. Permanent Scientist at OGS January 2009 - date. Permanent Senior scientist at OGS Interests: Geological/geophysical exploration of polar margins, aimed at depositional processes and glacial history reconstruction. Interacting downslope and alongslope deep sea sedimentary processes. Integrated Solid Earth System research to: Contribute to the study of Global Change and paleoclimate in particular, expecially at high (polar) latitudes, either north and south. Contribute to the study of Geo-Hazards, in particular deep-sea landslisdes and instabilities.
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