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Pichavant, Michel
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2008Carbonatite Melts and Electrical Conductivity in the AsthenosphereGaillard, F.* ; Malki, M.* ; Iacono Marziano, G.* ; Pichavant, M.* ; Scaillet, B.* 
222-Jun-2022Editorial: Volcanic Islands—A Challenge for VolcanologyBonforte, Alessandro* ; Martí, Joan* ; Paonita, Antonio* ; Pichavant, Michel* 
32013Effects of experimental reheating of natural basaltic ash at different temperatures and redox conditionsD'Oriano, Claudia* ; Pompilio, Massimo* ; Bertagnini, Antonella* ; Cioni, Raffaello* ; Pichavant, Michel* 
4Jul-2013Generation of CO2-rich melts during basalt magma ascent and degassingPichavant, M.* ; Di Carlo, I.* ; Rotolo, S. G.* ; Scaillet, B.* ; Burgisser, A.* ; Le GAll, N.* ; MArtel, C.* 
51-Oct-2007Limestone assimilation and the origin of CO2 emissions at the Alban Hills (Central Italy): Constraints from experimental petrologyIacono Marziano, G.* ; Gaillard, F.* ; Pichavant, M.* 
62019Melt inclusions track melt evolution and degassing of Etnean magmas in the last 15 kaGennaro, Emanuela* ; Iacono-Marziano, Giada* ; Paonita, Antonio* ; Rotolo, Silvio Giuseppe* ; Martel, Caroline* ; Rizzo, Andrea Luca* ; Pichavant, Michel* ; Liotta, Marcello* 
72005A model of sulphur solubility for hydrous mafic melts: application to the determination of magmatic fluid compositions of Italian volcanoesScaillet, B.* ; Pichavant, M.* 
83-May-2016Origin of primitive ultra-calcic arc melts at crustal conditions -Experimental evidence on the La Sommata basalt, Vulcano, Aeolian Islands.LANZO, Giovanni* ; Di Carlo, Ida* ; Pichavant, Michel* ; Rotolo, Silvio Giuseppe* ; Scaillet, Bruno* 
9Aug-2011Petrography, mineralogy and geochemistry of a primitive pumice from Stromboli: implications for the deep feeding systemPichavant, M.* ; Pompilio, M.* ; D'Oriano, C.* ; Di Carlo, I.* 
10Apr-2009Role of non-mantle CO2 in the dynamics of volcano degassing: The Mount Vesuvius exampleIacono Marziano, G.* ; Gaillard, F.* ; Scaillet, B.* ; Pichavant, M.* ; Chiodini, G.* 
1120-Oct-2020Sulphur behaviour and redox conditions in etnean magmas during magma differentiation and degassingGennaro, Mimma Emanuela* ; Paonita, Antonio* ; Iacono-Marziano, Giada* ; Moussallam, Yves* ; Pichavant, Michel* ; Peters, Nial* ; Martel, Caroline* 
122022Timescales and mechanisms of paroxysm initiation at Stromboli volcano, Aeolian Islands, ItalyPichavant, Michel* ; Di Carlo, Ida* ; Pompilio, Massimo* ; Le Gall, Nolwenn* 
1311-Sep-2008Upward migration of Vesuvius magma chamber over the past 20,000 yearsScaillet, B.* ; Pichavant, M.* ; Cioni, R.*