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Mayeda, Kevin M
Mayeda, K. M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120082-D Coda and Direct Wave Attenuation Tomography in Northern ItalyMorasca, P.* ; Mayeda, K.* ; Gok, R.* ; Phillips, S.* ; Malagnini, L.* 
22009Apparent Stress and Corner Frequency Variations in the 1999 Taiwan (Chi-Chi) Sequence: Evidence For a Step-Wise Increase at Mw ~5.5Mayeda, K.* ; Malagnini, L.* 
32008Attenuation tomography of the Southern Apennines (Italy)Zolezzi, Francesca* ; Morasca, Paola* ; Mayeda, Kevin* ; Phillips, W. S.* ; Eva, Claudio* 
42005A break in self-similarity in the Lunigiana-Garfagnana region (northern Apennines)Morasca, Paola* ; Mayeda, Kevin* ; Gok, Rengin* ; Malagnini, Luca* ; Eva, Claudio* 
5Jan-2011Characterization of earthquake-induced ground motion from the L’Aquila seismic sequence of 2009, ItalyMalagnini, L.* ; Akinci, A.* ; Mayeda, K.* ; Munafo, I.* ; Herrmann, R. B.* ; Mercuri, A.* 
62005Coda-derived source spectra, moment magnitudes and energy-moment scaling in the western AlpsMorasca, Paola* ; Mayeda, K. M.* ; Malagnini, Luca* ; Walter, William R.* 
7May-2023The Community Stress-Drop Validation Study—Part I: Source, Propagation, and Site Decomposition of Fourier SpectraBindi, Dino* ; Spallarossa, Daniele* ; Picozzi, Matteo* ; Oth, Adrien* ; Morasca, Paola* ; Mayeda, Kevin M* 
82023The Community Stress-Drop Validation Study—Part II: Uncertainties of the Source Parameters and Stress Drop AnalysisBindi, Dino* ; Spallarossa, Daniele* ; Picozzi, Matteo* ; Oth, Adrien* ; Morasca, Paola* ; Mayeda, Kevin* 
91-Jun-2010Energy radiation from intermediate to large magnitude earthquakes: implications for dynamic fault weakeningMalagnini, L.* ; Nielsen, S.* ; Mayeda, K.* ; Boschi, E.* 
102004Estimating Absolute Site EffectsMalagnini, L.* ; Mayeda, K.* ; Akinci, A.* ; Bragato, P. L.* 
11Jul-2019Evaluation of earthquake stress parameters and its scaling during the 2016-2017 Amatrice-Norcia-Visso sequence—Part IMorasca, Paola* ; Walter, William R.* ; Mayeda, Kevin* ; Massa, Marco* 
122007Evidence for departure in self-similarity: a new spectral ratio method using narrowband coda envelopesMayeda, K.* ; Malagnini, L.* ; Walter, W.* 
132014Gradual fault weakening with seismic slip: inferences from the seismic sequences of L'Aquila, 2009 and Northridge, 1994Malagnini, L.* ; Munafo', I.* ; Cocco, M.* ; NIelsen, S.* ; Mayeda, K. M.* ; Boschi, E.* 
142008High-stress strike-slip faults in the Apennines: An example from the 2002 San Giuliano earthquakes (southern Italy)Malagnini, L.* ; Mayeda, K.* 
152014How to Invert Multi-Band, Regional Phase Amplitudes for 2-D Attenuation and Source Parameters: Tests Using the USArrayPhillips, W. S.* ; Mayeda, K. M.* ; Malagnini, L.* 
169-Jun-2010Improved 2-D attenuation analysis for Northern Italy using a merged dataset from selected regional seismic networksMorasca, P.* ; Massa, M.* ; Laprocina, E.* ; Mayeda, K.* ; Phillips, S.* ; Malagnini, L.* ; Spallarossa, D.* ; Costa, Gi.* ; Augliera, P.* 
172008Regional attenuation in northern California: a comparison of five 1-D Q methodsFord, S.* ; Dreger, D.* ; Mayeda, K.* ; Malagnini, L.* ; Phillips, S.* 
182007Regional body-wave attenuation using a coda source normalization method: application to MEDNET records of earthquakes in ItalyWalter, W.* ; Mayeda, K.* ; Malagnini, L.* ; Scognamiglio, L.* 
19Jun-2007A regional ground motion excitation/attenuation model for the San Francisco regionMalagnini, L.* ; Mayeda, K.* ; Uhrhammer, R.* ; Akinci, A.* ; Herrmann, R. B.* 
202014Scaling transition in earthquake sources: a possible link between seismic and laboratory measurementsMalagnini, L.* ; Mayeda, K. M.* ; Nielsen, S.* ; Yoo, S.* ; Munafo', I.* ; Rawles, C.* ; Boschi, E.*