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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Aegean tectonics: Strain localisation, slab tearing and trench retreatJolivet, L.* ; Faccenna, C.* ; Huet, B.* ; Labrousse, L.* ; Le Pourhiet, L.* ; Lacombe, O.* ; Lecomte, E.* ; Burov, E.* ; Denèle, Y.* ; Brun, J.-P.* ; Philippon, M.* ; Paul, A.* ; Salaün, G.* ; Karabulut, H.* ; Piromallo, Claudia* ; Monié, P.* ; Gueydan, F.* ; Okay, A.I.* ; Oberhänsli, R.* ; Pourteau, A.* ; Augier, R.* ; Gadenne, L.* ; Driussi, O.* 
216-Jul-2009Bending of the Bolivian orocline and growth of the central Andean plateau: Paleomagnetic and structural constraints from the Eastern Cordillera (22–24°S, NW Argentina)Maffione, M.* ; Speranza, F.* ; Faccenna, C.* 
32005Constraints on mantle circulation around the deforming Calabrian slabFaccenna, C.* ; Civetta, L.* ; D'Antonio, M.* ; Funiciello, F.* ; Margheriti, L.* ; Piromallo, C.* 
42015Contrasting styles of (U)HP rock exhumation along the Cenozoic Adria-Europe plate boundary (Western Alps, Calabria, Corsica)Malusà, Marco Giovanni* ; Faccenna, Claudio* ; Baldwin, Suzanne L.* ; Fitzgerald, Paul G.* ; Rossetti, Federico* ; Balestrieri, Maria Laura* ; Danišík, Martin* ; Ellero, Alessandro* ; Ottria, Giuseppe* ; Piromallo, Claudia* 
52018Deep Structure of Northern Apennines Subduction Orogen (Italy) as Revealed by a Joint Interpretation of Passive and Active Seismic DataPiana Agostinetti, Nicola* ; Faccenna, Claudio* 
6Sep-2013Discovery of a gliding salt-detached megaslide, Calabria, Ionian Sea, ItalyMinelli, L.* ; Billi, A.* ; Faccenna, C.* ; Gervasi, A.* ; Guerra, I.* ; Orecchio, B.* ; Speranza, G.* 
724-Oct-2002Extensional tectonics on Sardinia (Italy): insights into the arc–back-arc transitional regimeFaccenna, C.* ; Speranza, F.* ; D'Ajello Caracciolo, F.* ; Mattei, M.* ; Oggiano, G.* 
89-Jul-2009From mantle to crust: Stretching the MediterraneanJolivet, L.* ; Faccenna, C.* ; Piromallo, C.* 
92021Geoscientists, Who Have Documented the Rapid and Accelerating Climate Crisis for Decades, Are Now Pleading for Immediate Collective ActionFilippelli, Gabriel* ; Beal, Lisa* ; Rajaram, Harihar* ; AghaKouchak, Amir* ; Balikhin, Michael* ; Destouni, Georgia* ; East, Amy* ; Faccenna, Claudio* ; Florindo, Fabio* ; Frost, Carol* ; Griffies, Stephen* ; Huber, Matthew* ; Lugaz, Noé* ; Manighetti, Isabelle* ; Montesi, Laurent* ; Pirenne, Benoit* ; Raymond, Peter* ; Salous, Sana* ; Schildgen, Taylor* ; Trumbore, Susan* ; Wysession, Michael* ; Xenopoulos, Marguerite* ; Zhang, Minghua* 
102004How deep can we find the traces of Alpine subduction?Piromallo, C.* ; Faccenna, C.* 
112014Isostasy, dynamic topography, and the elevation of the Apennines of ItalyFaccenna, Claudio* ; Becker, Thorsten W.* ; Miller, Meghan* ; Serpelloni, Enrico* ; Willett, Sean* 
1210-Jan-2008A late Cretaceous contamination episode of the European–Mediterranean mantlePiromallo, C.* ; Gasperini, D.* ; Macera, P.* ; Faccenna, C.* 
133-Feb-2004Lateral slab deformation and the origin of the western Mediterranean arcsFaccenna, C.* ; Piromallo, C.* ; Crespo-Blanc, A.* ; Jolivet, L.* ; Rossetti, F.* 
142006Mapping mantle flow during retreating subduction: Laboratory models analyzed by feature trackingFuniciello, F.* ; Moroni, M.* ; Piromallo, C.* ; Faccenna, C.* ; Cenedese, A.* ; Bui, H. A.* 
152012Miocene thrusting in the eastern Sila Massif: Implication for the evolution of the Calabria-Peloritani orogenic wedge (southern Italy)Vignaroli, G.* ; Minelli, L.* ; Rossetti, F.* ; Balestrieri, M. L.* ; Faccenna, C.* 
16Jan-2010Paleomagnetic evidence for a pre-early Eocene (∼50 Ma) bending of the Patagonian orocline (Tierra del Fuego, Argentina): Paleogeographic and tectonic implicationsMaffione, M.* ; Speranza, F.* ; Faccenna, C.* ; Rossello, E.* 
177-Oct-2014Paleomagnetism and magnetic fabric of the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia: Evidence for oblique convergence and non rotational reactivation of a Mesozoic intracontinental riftJiménez, G.* ; Speranza, F.* ; Faccenna, C.* ; Bayona, G.* ; Mora, A.* 
1819-Jan-2011Physical characteristics of subduction interface type seismogenic zones revisitedHeuret, A.* ; Lallemand, S.* ; Funiciello, F.* ; Piromallo, C.* ; Faccenna, C.* 
192019Present-day uplift of the European Alps: Evaluating mechanisms and models of their relative contributionsSternai, Pietro* ; Sue, Christian* ; Husson, Laurent* ; Serpelloni, Enrico* ; Becker, Thorsten W.* ; Willett, Sean* ; Faccenna, Claudio* ; Di Giulio, Andrea* ; Spada, Giorgio* ; Jolivet, Laurent* ; Valla, Pierre* ; Petit, Carole* ; Nocquet, Jean-Mathieu* ; Walpersdorf, Andrea* ; Castelltort, Sébastien* 
20Aug-2008Recent extension driven by mantle upwelling beneath the Admiralty Mountains (East Antarctica)Faccenna, C.* ; Rossetti, F.* ; Becker, T. W.* ; Danesi, S.* ; Morelli, A.*