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Lombardi, Salvatore
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jun-2010222Rn and CO2 soil–gas geochemical characterization of thermally altered clays atVoltattorni, N.* ; Lombardi, S.* ; Rizzo, S.* 
22017Continuous Monitoring of Natural CO2 Emissions Near Rome – Lessons for Low-level CO2 Leakage DetectionJones, David G* ; Beaubien, Stanley Eugene* ; Lister, Robert T.* ; Graziani, Stefano* ; Finoia, Maria Grazia* ; Barkwith, Andrew* ; Ruggiero, Livio* ; Ciotoli, Giancarlo* ; Bigi, Sabina* ; Lombardi, Salvatore* 
36-Mar-2013Determining the origin of carbon dioxide and methane in the gaseous emissions of the San Vittorino plain (Central Italy) by means of stable isotopes and noble gas analysisGiustini, F.* ; Blessing, M.* ; Brilli, M.* ; Lombardi, S.* ; Voltattorni, N.* ; Widory, D.* 
42008Fluid geochemistry as indicator of tectonically-related, deep water circulations in the Sardinian Rift-Campidano Graben: new insights from environmental isotopes.Sacchi, E.* ; Zuppi, G. M.* ; Pizzino, L.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* ; Lombardi, S.* 
57-Feb-2015Gas migration from two mine districts: The Tolfa (Lazio, Central Italy) and the Neves-Corvo (Baixo Alentejo, Portugal) case studiesVoltattorni, N.* ; Lombardi, S.* ; Beaubien, S. E.* 
62015Geochemical and radiometric profiles through an active fault in the Sila Massif (Calabria, Italy)Sciarra, A.* ; Fascetti, A.* ; Moretti, A.* ; Cantucci, B.* ; Pizzino, L.* ; Lombardi, S.* ; Guerra, I.* 
72015The Importance of Baseline Surveys of Near-Surface Gas Geochemistry for CCS Monitoring, as Shown from Onshore Case Studies in Northern and Southern EuropeBeaubien, Stan* ; Ruggiero, Livio* ; Annunziatellis, Aldo* ; Bigi, Sabina* ; Ciotoli, Giancarlo* ; Deiana, Paolo* ; Graziani, Stefano* ; Lombardi, Salvatore* ; Tartarello, Maria Chiara* 
82017Making the Communication of CCS more “Human”Vercelli, Samuela* ; Lombardi, Salvatore* ; Modesti, Federica* ; Tartarello, Maria Chiara* ; Finoia, Maria Grazia* ; De Angelis, Davide* ; Bigi, Sabina* ; Ruggiero, Livio* ; Pirrotta, Stefano* 
92014Mantle-derived CO2 migration along active faults within an extensional basin margin (Fiumicino, Rome, Italy)Bigi, Sabina* ; Beaubien, Stanley Eugene* ; Ciotoli, Giancarlo* ; D’Ambrogi, Chiara* ; Doglioni, Carlo* ; Ferrante, V.* ; Lombardi, Salvatore* ; Milli, S.* ; Orlando, Luciana* ; Ruggiero, Livio* ; Tartarello, Maria Chiara* ; Sacco, Pietro* 
102017On-going and Future Research at the Sulcis Site in Sardinia, Italy – Characterization and Experimentation at a Possible Future CCS PilotBigi, Sabina* ; Tartarello, Maria Chiara* ; Ruggiero, Livio* ; Graziani, Stefano* ; Beaubien, Stanley Eugene* ; Lombardi, Salvatore* 
112014Preliminary Experiments and Modelling of the Fate of CO2 Bubbles in the Water Column Near Panarea Island (Italy)Beaubien, Stanley Eugene* ; de Vittor, Cinzia* ; McGinnis, D.F.* ; Bigi, Sabina* ; Comici, C* ; Ingrosso, G* ; Lombardi, Salvatore* ; Ruggiero, Livio* 
122017Preliminary results of geological characterization and geochemical monitoring of Sulcis Basin (Sardinia), as a potential CCS siteTartarello, Maria Chiara* ; Plaisant, Alberto* ; Bigi, Sabina* ; Beaubien, Stanley Eugene* ; Graziani, Stefano* ; Lombardi, Salvatore* ; Ruggiero, Livio* ; De Angelis, Davide* ; Sacco, Pietro* ; Maggio, Enrico* 
1320-May-2010Rn, He and CO2 soil gas geochemistry for the study of active and inactive faultsLombardi, S.* ; Voltattorni, N.* 
142014Spatial-temporal water column monitoring using multiple, low-cost GasPro-pCO2 sensors: implications for monitoring, modelling, and potential impactBeaubien, Stanley Eugene* ; Graziani, Stefano* ; Annunziatellis, Aldo* ; Bigi, Sabina* ; Ruggiero, Livio* ; Tartarello, Maria Chiara* ; Lombardi, Salvatore* 
152011Study of Natural Analogues for the Comprehension of Gas Migration MechanismsVoltattorni, Nunzia* ; Cinti, Daniele* ; Galli, Gianfranco* ; Lombardi, Salvatore* ; Pizzino, Luca* ; Sciarra, Alessandra* ; Quattrocchi, Fedora*