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James, M. R.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Dynamics of mild strombolian activity on Mt. EtnaPering, T. D.* ; Tamburello, G.* ; McGonigle, A. J. S.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; James, M. R.* ; Lane, S. J.* ; Sciotto, M.* ; Cannata, A.* ; Patanè, D.* 
215-Dec-2017The dynamics of slug trains in volcanic conduits: Evidence for expansion driven slug coalescencePering, T. D.* ; McGonigle, A. J. S.* ; James, M. R.* ; Capponi, A.* ; Lane, S. J.* ; Tamburello, Giancarlo* ; Aiuppa, Alessandro* 
310-May-2010Lava flow superposition: The reactivation of flow units in compound ’a’a flowsApplegarth, L. J.* ; Pinkerton, H.* ; James, M. R.* ; Calvari, S.* 
4Jan-2010Morphological complexities and hazards during the emplacement of channel-fed `a`a lava flow fields: A study of the 2001 lower flow field on EtnaApplegarth, L. J.* ; Pinkerton, H.* ; James, M. R.* ; Calvari, S.* 
510-Nov-2015Quantifying Effusion Rates at Active Volcanoes through Integrated Time-Lapse Laser Scanning and PhotographySlatcher, N.* ; James, M.* ; Calvari, S.* ; Ganci, G.* ; Browning, J.* 
62013Separating the thermal fingerprints of lava flows and simultaneous lava fountaining using ground-based thermal camera and SEVIRI measurementsGanci, G.* ; James, M. R.* ; Calvari, S.* ; Del Negro, C.* 
71-Aug-2015Viscous plugging can enhance and modulate explosivity of strombolian eruptionsDel Bello, E.* ; Lane, S. J.* ; James, M.* ; Llewellin, E. W.* ; Taddeucci, J.* ; Scarlato, P.* ; Capponi, A.*