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Rocchi, S.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1May-201040Ar–39Ar dating of volcanogenic products from the AND-2A core (ANDRILL Southern McMurdo Sound Project, Antarctica): correlations with the Erebus Volcanic Province and implications for the age model of the coreDi Vincenzo, G.* ; Bracciali, L.* ; Del Carlo, P.* ; Panter, K.* ; Rocchi, S.* 
22012Early Miocene volcanic activity and paleoenvironment conditions recorded in tephra layers of the AND-2A core (southern McMurdo Sound, Antarctica)Di Roberto, A.* ; Del Carlo, P.* ; Rocchi, S.* ; Panter, K. S.* 
32014Fluid transfer and vein thickness distribution in high and low temperature hydrothermal systems at shallow crustal level in southern Tuscany (Italy)Mazzarini, F.* ; Ruggeri, G.* ; Isola, I.* ; Boschi, C.* ; Dini, A.* ; Musumeci, G.* ; Rocchi, S.* 
4Jun-2010Introduction: LASI III—Magma pulses and sheets in tabular intrusionsRocchi, S.* ; Dini, A.* ; Mazzarini, F.* ; Westerman, D. S.* 
5Aug-2008Multiple hydro-fracturing by boron-rich fluids in the Late Miocene contact aureole of eastern Elba Island (Tuscany, Italy)Dini, A.* ; Mazzarini, F.* ; Musumeci, G.* ; Rocchi, S.* 
6Dec-2009Petrologic and Geochemical Composition of of the AND-2A Core, ANDRILL Southern McMurdo Sound Project, AntarcticaPanter, K. S.* ; Talarico, F. M.* ; Bassett, K.* ; Del Carlo, P.* ; Field, B.* ; Frank, T.* ; Hoffman, S.* ; Kuhn, G.* ; Reichelt, L.* ; Sandroni, S.* ; Taviani, M.* ; Bracciali, L.* ; Cornamusini, G.* ; von Eynatten, H.* ; Rocchi, S.* 
7Nov-2009The upper lithostratigraphic unit of ANDRILL AND-2A core (Southern McMurdo Sound, Antarctica): Local Pleistocene volcanic sources, paleoenvironmental implications and subsidence in the southern Victoria Land BasinDel Carlo, P.* ; Panter, K. S.* ; Bassett, K.* ; Bracciali, L.* ; Di Vincenzo, G.* ; Rocchi, S.* 
82013Volcanic activity and its link to glaciation cycles: Single-grain age and geochemistry of Early to Middle Miocene volcanic glass from ANDRILL AND-2A core, AntarcticaNyland, R. E.* ; Panter, K. S.* ; Rocchi, S.* ; Di Vincenzo, G.* ; Del Carlo, P.* ; Tiepolo, M.* ; Field, B.* ; Gorsevski, P.*