Gottsmann, Joachim

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Gottsmann, Joachim
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-20084D volcano gravimetryBattaglia, M.* ; Gottsmann, J.* ; Carbone, D.* ; Fernández, J.* 
217-Jun-2022Editorial: Multidisciplinary Investigations for Determining the Structure and Dynamics of Active Volcanic SystemsIsaia, Roberto* ; Di Giuseppe, Maria Giulia* ; Gottsmann, Joachim* ; Stock, Michael J.* ; Troiano, Antonio* 
32020Gravimetric Constraints on the Hydrothermal System of the Campi Flegrei CalderaYoung, N.* ; Isaia, Roberto* ; Gottsmann, Joachim* 
42016A hydro-geophysical simulator for fluid and mechanical processes in volcanic areas.Coco, A. ; Currenti, G. ; Gottsmann, J. ; Russo, G. ; Del Negro, C. 
52009Modelling ground deformation caused by oscillating overpressure in a dyke conduit at Soufrière Hills Volcano, MontserratHautmann, S.* ; Gottsmann, J.* ; Sparks, R. S. J.* ; Costa, A.* ; Melnik, O.* ; Voight, B.* 
62016Numerical models for ground deformation and gravity changes during volcanic unrest: simulating the hydrothermal system dynamics of a restless calderaCoco, A.* ; Gottsmann, J* ; Whitaker, F* ; Rust, A* ; Currenti, G* ; Jasim, A* ; Bunney, S* 
72017Phreatic eruptions at crater lakes: occurrence statistics and probabilistic hazard forecastStrehlow, Karen* ; Sandri, Laura* ; Gottsmann, Joachim H.* ; Kilgour, Geoff* ; Rust, Alison C.* ; Tonini, Roberto* 
815-Aug-2011A stress-controlled mechanism for the intensity of very large magnitude explosive eruptionsCosta, A.* ; Gottsmann, J.* ; Melnik, O.* ; Sparks, R. S. J.* 
9Dec-2008Toward continuous 4D microgravity monitoring of volcanoesWilliams-Jones, G.* ; Rymer, H.* ; Mauri, G.* ; Gottsmann, J.* ; Poland, M.* ; Carbone, D.* 
102006Unrest at the Campi Flegrei caldera (Italy): a critical evaluation of source parameters from geodetic data inversionGottsmann, J.* ; Rymer, H.* ; Berrino, G.*