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Papadimitriou, E. E.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2008The 2006 Kythira (Greece), Mw6.7 slab-pull event: tectonic implications and the geometry of the hellenic wadati-benioff zoneNikolintaga, I.* ; Karakostas, V.* ; Papadimitriou, E.* ; Vallianatos, F.* 
22006Comparative performance of time-invariant, long-range and short-range forecasting models on the earthquake catalogue of GreeceConsole, R.* ; Rhoades, D. A.* ; Murru, M.* ; Evison, F. F.* ; Papadimitriou, E. E.* ; Karakosta, V. G.* 
32010Correlation of Static Stress Changes and Earthquake Occurrence in the North Aegean RegionRhoades, D. A.* ; Papadimitriou, E. E.* ; Karakostas, V. G.* ; Console, R.* ; Murru, M.* 
42006Long-term seismogenesis in Greece: Comparison of the evolving stress field and precursory scale increase approachesPapadimitriou, E. E.* ; Evison, F. F.* ; Rhoades, D. A.* ; Karakostas, V. G.* ; Console, R.* ; Murru, M.* 
5Aug-2006Microearthquake study of the broader Thessaloniki area (Northern Greece)Paradisopoulou, P. M.* ; Karakostas, V. G.* ; Papadimitriou, E. E.* ; Tranos, M. D.* ; Papazachos, C. B.* ; Karakaisis, G. F.* 
6Mar-1997Monitoring of the geomagnetic and geoelectric field in two regions of Greece for the detection of earthquake precursorsVargemezis, G.* ; Zlotnicki, J.* ; Tsokas, G.* ; Papazachos, B. C.* ; Papadimitriou, E. E.* 
7Oct-1999On the validity of the regional time and magnitude predictable model in ChinaQin, C.* ; Papadimitriou, E. E.* ; Papazachos, B. C.* ; Karakaisis, G. F.* 
8Feb-2000Seismic zonation of the Dead Sea Transform Fault areaKhair, K.* ; Karakaisis, G. F.* ; Papadimitriou, E. E.* 
9Sep-1994Statistical study of epicentre alignment in the broader Aegean areaTosi, P.* ; De Rubeis, V.* ; Papadirnitriou, E.* ; Dimitriu, P.*