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Mantovani, E.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-1997Finite element modelling of the recent- present deformation patter in the Calabrian arc and surrounding regionsAlbarello, D.* ; Mantovani, E.* ; Viti, M.* 
22001Insights into present-day crustal motion in the central Mediterranean area from GPS surveysAnzidei, M.* ; Baldi, P.* ; Casula, G.* ; Galvani, A.* ; Mantovani, E.* ; Pesci, A.* ; Riguzzi, F.* ; Serpelloni, E.* 
3Jun-2007Nubia-Eurasia kinematics: an alternative interpretation from Mediterranean and North Atlantic evidenceMantovani, E.* ; Viti, M.* ; Babbucci, D.* ; Albarello, D.* 
4Jun-1997Plate convergence, crustal delamination, extrusion tectonics and minimization of shortening work as main controlling factors of the recent Mediterranean deformation patternMantovani, E.* ; Albarello, D.* ; Tamburelli, C.* ; Babbucci, D.* ; Viti, M.* 
52006Post-late miocene kinematics of the adria microplate: inferences from geological, geophysical and geodetic dataMantovani, E.* ; Babbucci, D.* ; Viti, M.* ; Albarello, D.* ; Mugnaioli, E.* ; Cenni, N.* ; Casula, G.* 
617-Nov-2006Quantitative insights into the role of gravitational collapse in major orogenic beltsViti, M.* ; Albarello, D.* ; Mantovani, E.* 
7Oct-1997Recognizing the Italian zones most prone to next large earthquakes: possible approaches and present chancesMantovani, E.* ; Albarello, D.* ; Tamburelli, C.* ; Babbucci, D.* 
8Aug-1997Rheological profiles in the Central- Eastern MediterraneanViti, M.* ; Albarello, D.* ; Mantovani, E.* 
9Mar-1995Tectonic interpretation of large scale geodetic measurements (VLBI, SLR) in the Central Mediterranean region: constraints and uncertaintiesMantovani, E.* ; Albarello, D.* ; Tarnburelli, C.* ; Viti, M.* 
10Jun-1997Tentative list of major deformation events in the Central-Eastern Mediterranean region since the middle MioceneBabbucci, D.* ; Tamburelli, C.* ; Mantovani, E.* ; Albarello, D.*