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Riccardi, Umberto
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-1997Continuous record of the gravity changes at Mt. VesuviusBerrino, G.* ; Corrado, G,* ; Magliulo, R.* ; Riccardi, U.* 
22018Exploring deformation scenarios in Timanfaya volcanic area (Lanzarote, Canary Islands) from GNSS and ground based geodetic observationsRiccardi, U.* ; Arnoso, J.* ; Benavent, M.* ; Vélez, E.* ; Tammaro, Umberto* ; Montesinos, F. G.* 
32004Far-field Gravity and Tilt Signals by Large Earthquakes: Real or Instrumental Effects?Berrino, G.* ; Riccardi, U.* 
42-Feb-2021Neapolitan volcanic area Tide Gauge Network (Southern Italy): Ground Displacements and Sea-Level OscillationsTammaro, Umberto* ; Obrizzo, Francesco* ; Riccardi, Umberto* ; La Rocca, Adriano* ; Pinto, Salvatore* ; Brandi, Giuseppe* ; Vertechi, Enrico* ; Capuano, Paolo* 
52018Non-isothermal momentum transfer and ground displacements rate at Campi Flegrei caldera (Southern Italy)Romano, V.* ; Tammaro, Umberto* ; Riccardi, U.* ; Capuano, P.* 
62006On the capability of recording gravity stations to detect signals coming from volcanic activity: the case of Vesuvius.Berrino, G.* ; Corrado, G.* ; Riccardi, U.* 
72008Sea gravity data in the Gulf of Naples. A contribution to delineating the structural pattern of the Phlegraean Volcanic DistrictBerrino, G.* ; Corrado, G.* ; Riccardi, U.* 
810-Oct-2020Strain Pattern and Kinematics of the Canary Islands from GNSS Time Series AnalysisArnoso, Jose* ; Riccardi, Umberto* ; Benavent, Maite* ; Tammaro, Umberto* ; Montesinos, Fuensanta G.* ; Blanco Montenegro, Isabel* ; Vélez, Emilio* 
9Feb-2008Strategies in the processing and analysis of continuous gravity record in active volcanic areas: the case of Mt. VesuviusRiccardi, U.* ; Berrino, G.* ; Corrado, G.* ; Hinderer, J.* 
1019-Mar-2021Topography and structural heterogeneities in surface ground deformation: a simulation test for Somma-Vesuvius volcanoTammaro, Umberto* ; Riccardi, Umberto* ; Romano, Vittorio* ; Meo, Michele* ; Capuano, Paolo* 
1118-Sep-2021Tropospheric Delay in the Neapolitan and Vesuvius Areas (Italy) by Means of a Dense GPS Array: A Contribution for Weather Forecasting and Climate MonitoringRiccardi, Umberto* ; Tammaro, Umberto* ; Capuano, Paolo*