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Cianfarra, Paola
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Sep-2010Active tectonics in Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica) inferred from the integration of GPS data and geologic setting.Dubbini, M.* ; Cianfarra, P.* ; Casula, G.* ; Capra, A.* ; Salvini, F.* 
24-May-2013Directional site effects in a non-volcanic gas emission area (Mefite d’Ansanto, southern Italy): Evidence of a local transfer fault transversal to large NW–SE extensional faults?Pischiutta, M.* ; Anselmi, M.* ; Cianfarra, P.* ; Rovelli, A.* ; Salvini, F.* 
3Jun-2009Geological setting of the Concordia Trench-Lake system in East AntarcticaCianfarra, P.* ; Forieri, A.* ; Salvini, F.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* 
42006Physiography and tectonic setting of the subglacial lake district between Vostok and Belgica Subglacial Highlands (Antartica)Tabacco, I.* ; Cianfarra, P.* ; Forieri, A.* ; Salvini, F.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* 
52018A systematic analysis of directional site effects at stations of the Italian seismic network to test the role of local topographyPischiutta, Marta* ; Cianfarra, Paola* ; Salvini, Francesco* ; Cara, Fabrizio* ; Vannoli, Paola* 
62021Victoria Land, Antarctica: An Improved Geodynamic Interpretation Based on the Strain Rate Field of the Current Crustal Motion and Moho Depth ModelZanutta, Antonio* ; Negusini, Monia* ; Vittuari, Luca* ; Martelli, Leonardo* ; Cianfarra, Paola* ; Salvini, Francesco* ; Mancini, Francesco* ; Sterzai, Paolo* ; Creati, Nicola* ; Dubbini, Marco* ; Capra, Alessandro*