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Pennacchioni, Giorgio
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2022Along-strike architectural variability of an exhumed crustal-scale seismogenic fault (Bolfin Fault Zone, Atacama Fault System, Chile)Masoch, Simone* ; Fondriest, Michele* ; Gomila, Rodrigo* ; Jensen, Erik* ; Mitchell, Thomas M.* ; Cembrano, Jose* ; Pennacchioni, Giorgio* ; Di Toro, Giulio* 
22012Deformation and ultrafine dynamic recrystallization of quartz in pseudotachylyte-bearing brittle faults: A matter of a few secondsBestmann, M.* ; Pennacchioni, G.* ; Nielsen, S.* ; Goeken, M.* ; de Wall, H.* 
32005Earthquake rupture dynamics frozen in exhumed ancient faultsDi Toro, G.* ; NIelsen, S.* ; Pennacchioni, G.* 
42009The effects of fault orientation and fluid infiltration on fault rock assemblages at seismogenic depthsMittempergher, S.* ; Pennacchioni, G.* ; Di Toro, G.* 
519-Feb-2008Energy partitioning during seismic slip in pseudotachylyte-bearing faultsPittarello, L.* ; Di Toro, G.* ; Bizzarri, A.* ; Pennacchioni, G.* ; Hadizadeh, J.* ; Cocco, M.* 
611-May-2023Friction Experiments on Lunar Analog Gouges and Implications for the Mechanism of the Apollo 17 Long Runout LandslideMagnarini, Giulia* ; Aretusini, Stefano* ; Mitchell, Thomas M.* ; Pennacchioni, Giorgio* ; Di Toro, Giulio* ; Schmitt, Harrison* 
72023Frictional power dissipation in a seismic ancient faultLazari, Francesco* ; Castagna, Angela* ; Nielsen, Stefan* ; Griffith, Ashley* ; Pennacchioni, Giorgio* ; Gomila, Rodrigo* ; Resor, Phillip* ; Cornelio, Chiara* ; Di Toro, Giulio* 
82006Natural and Experimental Evidence of Melt Lubrication of Faults During EarthquakesDi Toro, G.* ; Hirose, T.* ; Nielsen, S.* ; Pennacchioni, G.* ; Shimamoto, T.* 
92011Pseudotachylyte in muscovite-bearing quartzite: Coseismic friction-induced melting and plastic deformation of quartzBestmann, M.* ; Pennacchioni, G.* ; Frank, G.* ; Göken, M.* ; de Wall, H.* 
102021Selective clast survival in an experimentally-produced pseudotachylytePapa, Simone* ; Spagnuolo, Elena* ; Di Toro, Giulio* ; Cavallo, Andrea* ; Favero, Marco* ; Camacho, Alfredo* ; Pennacchioni, Giorgio* 
112009Static stress drop associated with brittle slip events on exhumed faults.Griffith, A. W.* ; Di Toro, G.* ; Pennacchioni, G.* ; Pollard, D. D.* ; Nielsen, S.* 
12Aug-2021Structural Evolution of a Crustal-Scale Seismogenic Fault in a Magmatic Arc: The Bolfin Fault Zone (Atacama Fault System)Masoch, Simone* ; Gomila, Rodrigo* ; Fondriest, Michele* ; Jensen, Erik* ; Mitchell, Thomas M.* ; Pennacchioni, Giorgio* ; Cembrano, Jose* ; Di Toro, Giulio*