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120082-D Coda and Direct Wave Attenuation Tomography in Northern ItalyMorasca, P.* ; Mayeda, K.* ; Gok, R.* ; Phillips, S.* ; Malagnini, L.* 
22008Attenuation tomography of the Southern Apennines (Italy)Zolezzi, Francesca* ; Morasca, Paola* ; Mayeda, Kevin* ; Phillips, W. S.* ; Eva, Claudio* 
32005A break in self-similarity in the Lunigiana-Garfagnana region (northern Apennines)Morasca, Paola* ; Mayeda, Kevin* ; Gok, Rengin* ; Malagnini, Luca* ; Eva, Claudio* 
42005Coda-derived source spectra, moment magnitudes and energy-moment scaling in the western AlpsMorasca, Paola* ; Mayeda, K. M.* ; Malagnini, Luca* ; Walter, William R.* 
5May-2023The Community Stress-Drop Validation Study—Part I: Source, Propagation, and Site Decomposition of Fourier SpectraBindi, Dino* ; Spallarossa, Daniele* ; Picozzi, Matteo* ; Oth, Adrien* ; Morasca, Paola* ; Mayeda, Kevin M* 
62023The Community Stress-Drop Validation Study—Part II: Uncertainties of the Source Parameters and Stress Drop AnalysisBindi, Dino* ; Spallarossa, Daniele* ; Picozzi, Matteo* ; Oth, Adrien* ; Morasca, Paola* ; Mayeda, Kevin* 
72023Empirical correlations between a FAS non-ergodic ground motion model and a GIT derived model for Central ItalyMorasca, Paola* ; D'Amico, Maria* ; Sgobba, Sara* ; Lanzano, Giovanni* ; Colavitti, Leonardo* ; Pacor, Francesca* ; Spallarossa, Daniele* 
8Jun-2008Empirical Ground-Motion Prediction Equations for Northern Italy Using Weak- and Strong-Motion Amplitudes, Frequency Content, and Duration ParametersMassa, M.* ; Morasca, P.* ; Moratto, L.* ; Marzorati, S.* ; Costa, G.* ; Spallarossa, D.* 
9Jul-2019Evaluation of earthquake stress parameters and its scaling during the 2016-2017 Amatrice-Norcia-Visso sequence—Part IMorasca, Paola* ; Walter, William R.* ; Mayeda, Kevin* ; Massa, Marco* 
102008Ground motion models for the Molise region (Southern Italy)Morasca, P.* ; Zolezzi, F.* ; Spallarossa, D.* ; Luzi, L.* 
112006Ground-motion scaling in the Western AlpsMorasca, P.* ; Malagnini, L.* ; Akinci, A.* ; Spallarossa, D.* ; Herrmann, R. B.* 
129-Jun-2010Improved 2-D attenuation analysis for Northern Italy using a merged dataset from selected regional seismic networksMorasca, P.* ; Massa, M.* ; Laprocina, E.* ; Mayeda, K.* ; Phillips, S.* ; Malagnini, L.* ; Spallarossa, D.* ; Costa, Gi.* ; Augliera, P.* 
13Oct-2007A new deep picture of the Alps-Apennines system derived from seismological dataScafidi, D.* ; Morasca, P.* ; Solarino, S.* ; Eva, C.* 
142023Physics-based parametrization of a FAS nonergodic ground motion model for Central ItalySgobba, Sara* ; Lanzano, Giovanni* ; Colavitti, Leonardo* ; Morasca, Paola* ; D'Amico, Maria Clara* ; Spallarossa, Daniele* 
1531-Mar-2021The RAMONES Service for Rapid Assessment of Seismic Moment and Radiated Energy in Central Italy: Concepts, Capabilities, and Future PerspectivesSpallarossa, Daniele* ; Picozzi, Matteo* ; Scafidi, Davide* ; Morasca, Paola* ; Turino, Chiara* ; Bindi, Dino* 
1628-Jul-2020Reliability of Source Parameters for Small Events in Central Italy: Insights from Spectral Decomposition Analysis Applied to Both Synthetic and Real DataBindi, Dino* ; Spallarossa, Daniele* ; Picozzi, Matteo* ; Morasca, Paola* 
172010Reliability of the automatic procedures for locating earthquakes in southwestern Alps and northern Apennines (Italy)Turino, Chiara* ; Morasca, Paola* ; Ferretti, Gabriele* ; Scafidi, Davide* ; Spallarossa, Daniele* 
1823-Jul-2022Source scaling comparison and validation in Central Italy: data intensive direct S waves versus the sparse data coda envelope methodologyMorasca, Paola* ; Bindi, Dino* ; Mayeda, Kevin* ; Roman-Nieves, Jorge* ; Barno, Justin* ; Walter, William R* ; Spallarossa, Daniele* 
1913-Jun-2022Testing Site Amplification Curves in Hybrid Broadband Ground Motion Simulations of M6.0, 24 August 2016 Amatrice Earthquake, ItalyPischiutta, Marta* ; Akinci, Aybige* ; Felicetta, Chiara* ; Pacor, Francesca* ; Morasca, Paola*