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Lastovicka, J.
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12004Behaviour of the F1-region, and Esand spread-F phenomena at European middle latitudes, particularly under geomagnetic storm conditionsBencze, P.* ; Buresová, D.* ; Lastovicka, J.* ; Märcz, F.* 
2Aug-2009Climate of the upper atmosphereBremer, J.* ; Lăstovička, J.* ; Mikhailov, A. V.* ; Altadill, D.* ; Bencze, P.* ; Burešová, D.* ; De Franceschi, G.* ; Jacobi, C.* ; Kouris, S.* ; Perrone, L.* ; Turunen, E.* 
3Apr-2009The contribution to IHY from the COST296 Action MIERS: Mitigation of Ionospheric Effects on Radio SystemsDe Franceschi, G.* ; Alfonsi, Lu.* ; Altadill, D.* ; Bencze, P.* ; Bourdillon, A.* ; Buresova, D.* ; Cander, L. R.* ; de la Morena, B.* ; Economou, L.* ; Herraiz, M.* ; Kauristie, K.* ; Lastovicka, J.* ; Pau, S.* ; Rodriguez, G.* ; Stamper, R.* ; Stanislawska, I.* 
42003Impact of the Mt. Pinatubo volcaniceruption on the lower ionosphere andatmospheric waves over Central EuropeLastovicka, J. 
5Aug-1996Influence of the interplanetary magnetic field on the variability of the mid-latitude F2-layerBremer, J.* ; Lastovicka, J.* ; Tulunay, Y.* 
62004Ionospheric effects on terrestrial communications :Working Group 3 overviewLastovicka, J.* ; Bourdillon, A.* 
72004Long-term trends in the ionosphere and upper atmosphere parametersBremer, J.* ; Alfonsi, Lu.* ; Bencze, P.* ; Lastovicka, J.* ; Mikhailov, A. V.* ; Rogers, N.* 
820-Feb-2010Monitoring and modeling of ionospheric characteristics in the framework of European COST 296 Action MIERSStanislawska, I.* ; Lastovicka, J.* ; Bourdillon, A.* ; Zolesi, B.* ; Cander, Lj. R.* 
9Dec-2006Persistence of planetary wave type oscillations in the mid-latitude ionosphereLastovicka, J.* ; Sauli, P.* ; Krizan, P.* 
102004Planetary and gravity wave signatures in the F-region ionosphere with impacton radio propagation predictionsand variabilityAltadill, D.* ; Apostolov, E. M.* ; Boska, J.* ; Lastovicka, J.* ; Sauli, P.* 
11Aug-1996Quasi-five- and ten-day oscillations in f0F2 and their possible connection with oscillations at lower ionospheric heightsAltadill, D.* ; Lastovicka, J.* 
12Dec-2013Solar activity impact on the Earth’s upper atmosphereKutiev, I.* ; Tsagouri, I.* ; Perrone, L.* ; Pancheva, D.* ; Mukhtarov, P.* ; Mikhailov, A.* ; Lastovicka, J.* ; Jakowski, N.* ; Buresova, D.* ; Blanch, E.* ; Andonov, B.* ; Altadill, D.* ; Magdaleno, S.* ; Parisi, M.* ; Torta, J. M.* 
13Aug-1996Solar cycle effect on oscillations in the period range of 2-20 days in the F region of the ionosphereLastovicka, J.* ; Mlch, P.*