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Mikhailov, A. V.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Feb-2015The annual asymmetry in the F2 layer during deep solar minimum (2008–2009): December anomalyMikhailov, A.* ; Perrone, L.* 
2Aug-2009Climate of the upper atmosphereBremer, J.* ; Lăstovička, J.* ; Mikhailov, A. V.* ; Altadill, D.* ; Bencze, P.* ; Burešová, D.* ; De Franceschi, G.* ; Jacobi, C.* ; Kouris, S.* ; Perrone, L.* ; Turunen, E.* 
34-Sep-2014Comment on “The winter anomaly in the middlelatitude F region during the solar minimum period observed by the Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere, and Climate” by W. K. Lee, H. Kil, Y.-S. Kwak, Q. Wu, S. Cho, and J. U. ParkMikhailov, A.* ; Perrone, L.* 
4Aug-1999A comparison of f0F hmE model calculations with El Arenosillo digisonde observations. Seasonal variationsMikhailov, A. V.* ; de la Morena, B. A.* ; Miro, G.* ; Marin, D.* 
5Feb-2000A comparison of Ne (h) model profiles with ground-based and topside sounder observationsMikhailov, A. V.* ; Leschinskaya, T. Y.* ; Miro, G.* ; Depuev, V. K.* 
68-Jun-2011FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC E region observations and daytime foE at middle latitudesPerrone, L.* ; Mikhailov, A. V.* ; Korsunova, L. P.* 
728-Jul-2016Geomagnetic control of the midlatitude daytime foF1 and foF2 long-term variations: Physical interpretation using European observationsMikhailov, Andrey* ; Perrone, Loredana* 
828-Jul-2016Geomagnetic control of the midlatitude foF1 and foF2 long-term variations: Recent observations in EuropePerrone, Loredana* ; Mikhailov, Andrei* 
91-Jan-2018Interminimum foF1 Differences and Their Physical InterpretationMikhailov, A. V.* ; Perrone, Loredana* 
1012-Apr-2010Ionospheric precursors for crustal earthquakes in ItalyPerrone, L.* ; Korsunova, L. P.* ; Mikhailov, A.* 
112004Long-term trends in the ionosphere and upper atmosphere parametersBremer, J.* ; Alfonsi, Lu.* ; Bencze, P.* ; Lastovicka, J.* ; Mikhailov, A. V.* ; Rogers, N.* 
122017Long-term variations of exospheric temperature inferred from f o F 1 observations: A comparison to ISR Ti trend estimatesPerrone, Loredana* ; Mikhailov, A. V.* 
1327-Sep-2017Long-term variations of the upper atmosphere parameters on Rome ionosonde observations and their interpretationPerrone, Loredana* ; Mikhailov, A.* ; Cesaroni, Claudio* ; Alfonsi, Lucilla* ; De Santis, Angelo* ; Pezzopane, Michael* ; Scotto, Carlo* 
141-Apr-2017A mechanism of midlatitude noontime foE long-term variations inferred from European observationsMikhailov, Andrei* ; Perrone, Loredana* ; Nusinov, A.* 
15Aug-1999A method for f0F2 monitoring over Spain using the El Arenosillo digisonde current observationsMikhailov, A. V.* ; de la Morena, B. A.* ; Miro, G.* ; Marin, D.* 
1610-Apr-2014A method for foF2 short-term (1–24 h) forecast using both historical and real-time foF2 observations over European stations: EUROMAP modelPerrone, L.* ; Mikhailov, A.* 
17Aug-1996Monthly median f0F2 and M(3000)F2 ionospheric model over EuropeMikhailov, A. V.* ; Mikhailov, V. V.* ; Skoblin, M. G.* 
182018A New Method to Retrieve Thermospheric Parameters From Daytime Bottom-Side Ne(h) ObservationsPerrone, Loredana* ; Mikhailov, A. V.* 
1918-Mar-2011On the mechanism of seasonal and solar cycle NmF2 variations: A quantitative estimate of the main parameters contribution using incoherent scatter radar observationsMikhailov, A. V.* ; Perrone, L.* 
2028-Feb-2014On the possible use of radio occultation middle latitude electron density profiles to retrieve thermospheric parametersMikhailov, A.* ; Beleaki, A.* ; Perrone, L.* ; Zolesi, B.* ; Tsagouri, I.*