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Tallarico, Andrea
Tallarico, A.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120192D kernel-based imaging of coda-Q space variations in the Gargano Promontory (Southern Italy)Filippucci, Marilena* ; Del Pezzo, Edoardo* ; de Lorenzo, Salvatore* ; Tallarico, Andrea* 
220213D-Kernel Based Imaging of an Improved Estimation of (Qc) in the Northern Apulia (Southern Italy)Filippucci, Marilena* ; Lucente, Salvatore* ; Del Pezzo, Edoardo* ; de Lorenzo, Salvatore* ; Prosser, Giacomo* ; Tallarico, Andrea* 
32011Conditions for crust and tube formation in lava flows with power-law rheologyFilippucci, M.* ; Tallarico, A.* ; Dragoni, M.* 
42011Cooling of a channeled lava flow with non-Newtonian rheology: crust formation and surface radianceTallarico, A.* ; Dragoni, M.* ; Filippucci, M.* ; Piombo, A.* ; Santini, S.* ; Valerio, A.* 
5Jul-2014A first look at the Gargano (southern Italy) seismicity as seen by the local scale OTRIONS seismic networkDe Lorenzo, S.* ; Romeo, A.* ; Falco, L.* ; Michele, M.* ; Tallarico, A.* 
62004Modeling of the steady-state temperature field in lava flows léveesQuareni, F.* ; Tallarico, A.* ; Dragoni, M.* 
723-Dec-2003Modelling long term ground deformation by a submerged archaeological site: the case of Basiluzzo island.Tallarico, A.* ; Dragoni, M.* ; Anzidei, M.* ; Esposito, A.* 
8Sep-2022Role of crustal fluids and thermo-mechanical structure for lower crustal seismicity: The Gargano Promontory (southern Italy)Lavecchia, Alessio* ; Filippucci, Marilena* ; Tallarico, Andrea* ; Selvaggi, Giulio* ; Cecere, Gianpaolo* ; Cloetingh, Sierd* 
9Sep-2021Seismic Envelopes of Coda Decay for Q-coda Attenuation Studies of the Gargano Promontory (Southern Italy) and Surrounding RegionsFilippucci, Marilena* ; Lucente, Salvatore* ; de Lorenzo, Salvatore* ; Del Pezzo, Edoardo* ; Prosser, Giacomo* ; Tallarico, Andrea* 
10Apr-2021Seismicity of the Gargano promontory (Southern Italy) after 7 years of local seismic network operation: Data release of waveforms from 2013 to 2018Filippucci, Marilena* ; Miccolis, Simona* ; Castagnozzi, Angelo* ; Cecere, Gianpaolo* ; de Lorenzo, Salvatore* ; Donvito, Giacinto* ; Falco, Luigi* ; Michele, Maddalena* ; Nicotri, Stefano* ; Romeo, Annalisa* ; Selvaggi, Giulio* ; Tallarico, Andrea* 
11Apr-2021Seismogenic Structure Orientation and Stress Field of the Gargano Promontory (Southern Italy) From Microseismicity AnalysisMiccolis, Simona* ; Filippucci, Marilena* ; de Lorenzo, Salvatore* ; Frepoli, Alberto* ; Pierri, Pierpaolo* ; Tallarico, Andrea*