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Barchi, Massimiliano
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
119-Feb-2004Aftershocks driven by a high-pressure CO2 source at depthMiller, S. A.* ; Collettini, C.* ; Chiaraluce, L.* ; Cocco, M.* ; Barchi, M.* ; Kaus, B. J. P.* 
21-Aug-2007A complex seismogenic shear zone: The Düzce segment of North Anatolian Fault (Turkey)Pucci, S.* ; Pantosti, D.* ; Barchi, M.* 
315-Jan-2005Connecting seismically active normal faults with Quaternary geological structures in a complex extensional environment: The Colfiorito 1997 case history (northern Apennines, Italy)Chiaraluce, L.* ; Barchi, M.* ; Collettini, C.* ; Mirabella, F.* ; Pucci, S.* 
42008Contemporary crustal extension in the Umbria–Marche Apennines from regional CGPS networks and comparison between geodetic and seismic deformationD'Agostino, N.* ; Mantenuto, S.* ; D'Anastasio, E.* ; Avallone, A.* ; Barchi, M.* ; Collettini, C.* ; Radicioni, F.* ; Stoppini, A.* ; Fastellini, G.* 
52006Coseismic ruptures and associated tectonic landforms along the Duzce segment of the North Anatolian Fault ZonePucci, S.* ; Palyvos, N.* ; Zabci, C.* ; Pantosti, D.* ; Barchi, M. R.* 
621-May-2010Deep structural heterogeneities and the tectonic evolution of the Abruzzi region (Central Apennines, Italy) revealed by microseismicity, seismic tomography, and teleseismic receiver functionsChiarabba, C.* ; Bagh, S.* ; Bianchi, I.* ; De Gori, P.* ; Barchi, M.* 
72015Exhumation patterns along shallow low-angle normal faults: an example from the Altotiberina active fault system (Northern Apennines, Italy)Caricchi, Chiara* ; Aldega, Luca* ; Barchi, Massimiliano R.* ; Corrado, Sveva* ; Grigo, Domenico* ; Mirabella, Francesco* ; Zattin, Massimiliano* 
8Apr-2007Extensional tectonics and seismicity in the axial zone of the Southern ApenninesBarchi, M.* ; Amato, A.* ; Cippitelli, G.* ; Merlini, S.* ; Montone, P.* 
92004The Gubbio normal fault (Central Italy): geometry, displacement distribution and tectonic evolutionMirabella, F.* ; Ciaccio, M. G.* ; Barchi, M. R.* ; Merlini, S.* 
102008Insights on the seismogenic layer thickness from the upper crust structure of the Umbria-Marche Apennines (Central Italy)Mirabella, F.* ; Barchi, M. R.* ; Lupattelli, A.* ; Stucchi, E.* ; Ciaccio, M. G.* 
11Sep-2014Interaction between regional and local tectonic forcing along a complex Quaternary extensional basin: Upper Tiber Valley, Northern Apennines, ItalyPucci, S.* ; Mirabella, F.* ; Pazzaglia, F.* ; Barchi, M. R.* ; Melelli, L.* ; Tuccimei, P.* ; Soligo, M.* ; Saccucci, L.* 
122005Looking at fault reactivation matching structural geology and seismological dataCollettini, C.* ; Chiaraluce, L.* ; Pucci, S.* ; Barchi, M.* ; Cocco, M.* 
13Mar-2009MOLE: A multidisciplinary Observatory and Laboratory of experiments in Central ItalyCocco, M.* ; Montone, P.* ; Barchi, M. R.* ; Dresen, G.* ; Zoback, M. D.* 
14Oct-2014Morphotectonics of the Upper Tiber Valley (Northern Apennines, Italy) through quantitative analysis of drainage and landformsMelelli, L.* ; Pucci, S.* ; Saccucci, L.* ; Mirabella, F.* ; Pazzaglia, F.* ; Barchi, M.* 
152009Seismic images of an extensional basin, generated at the hangingwall of a low-angle normal fault: the case of the Sansepolcro basin (Central Italy)Barchi, M. R.* ; Ciaccio, M. G.* 
16Apr-2008Seismic reflection data in the Umbria Marche Region: limits and capabilities to unravel the subsurface structure in a seismically active areaMirabella, F.* ; Barchi, M. R.* ; Lupattelli, A.* 
172005Seismological, geological and geophysical constraints for the Gualdo Tadino fault, Umbria–Marche Apennines (central Italy)Ciaccio, M. G.* ; Barchi, M. R.* ; Chiarabba, C.* ; Mirabella, F.* ; Stucchi, E.* 
1831-Dec-2008The Vallo di Diano and Auletta extensional basins in the southernAmicucci, L.* ; Barchi, M. R.* ; Montone, P.* ; Rubiliani, N.*