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Frezzotti, Massimo
Frezzotti, M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-2012Extent of low-accumulation ‘wind glaze’ areas on the East Antarctic plateau: implications for continental ice mass balanceScambos, T. A.* ; Frezzotti, M.* ; Haran, T.* ; Bohlander, J.* ; Lenaerts, J. T. M.* ; Van Den Broeke, M. R.* ; Jezek, K.* ; Long, D.* ; Urbini, S.* ; Farness, K.* ; Neumann, T.* ; Albert, M.* ; Winther, J.-G.* 
2Feb-2002The Frontier Mountain meteorite trap (Antarctica)Folco, L.* ; Capra, A.* ; Chiappini, M.* ; Frezzotti, M.* ; Mellini, M.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* 
32004Geophysical survey at Talos Dome, East Antarctica: the search for a new deep-drilling siteFrezzotti, M.* ; Bitelli, G.* ; De Michelis, P.* ; Deponti, A.* ; Forieri, A.* ; Gandolfi, S.* ; Maggi, V.* ; Mancini, F.* ; Remy, F.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* ; Urbini, S.* ; Vittuari, L.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* 
42017Geothermal flux and basal melt rate in the Dome C region inferred from radar reflectivity and heat modellingPassalacqua, Olivier* ; Ritz, Catherine* ; Parrenin, Frédéric* ; Urbini, Stefano* ; Frezzotti, Massimo* 
52017High-resolution boundary conditions of an old ice target near Dome C, AntarcticaYoung, Duncan A.* ; Roberts, Jason L.* ; Ritz, Catherine* ; Frezzotti, Massimo* ; Quartini, Enrica* ; Cavitte, Marie G. P.* ; Tozer, Carly R.* ; Steinhage, Daniel* ; Urbini, Stefano* ; Corr, Hugh F. J.* ; van Ommen, Tas* ; Blankenship, Donald D.* 
6Feb-2008Historical behaviour of Dome C and Talos Dome (East Antarctica) as investigated by snow accumulation and ice velocity measurementsUrbini, S.* ; Frezzotti, M.* ; Gandolfi, S.* ; Vincent, C.* ; Scarchilli, C.* ; Vittuari, V.* ; Fily, M.* 
7Mar-2000Ice discharge of eastern Dome C drainage area, Antarctica, determined from airborne radar survey and satellite image analysisFrezzotti, M.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* 
8Jul-2008The Impact of Precipitation and Sublimation Processes on Snow Accumulation: Preliminary ResultsScarchilli, C.* ; Frezzotti, M.* ; Didonfrancesco, G.* ; Valt, M.* ; Urbini, S.* ; De Silvestri, L.* ; Dolci, S.* ; Iaccarino, A.* ; Grigioni, P.* 
9Aug-2006Location of a new ice core site at Talos Dome (East Antarctica)Urbini, S.* ; Cafarella, L.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* ; Bianchi, C.* ; Tabacco, I.* ; Frezzotti, M.* 
102003Mass balance of Campbell Glacier (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica) : preliminary analysisMancini, M.* ; Frezzotti, M.* ; Smiraglia, C.* ; Gragnani, R.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* ; Motta, M.* ; Pavan, M.* 
1125-Jun-2019Multi-Temporal Investigation of the Boulder Clay Glacier and Northern Foothills (Victoria Land, Antarctica) by Integrated Surveying TechniquesUrbini, Stefano* ; Bianchi-Fasani, Gianluca* ; Mazzanti, Paolo* ; Rocca, Alfredo* ; Vittuari, Luca* ; Zanutta, Antonio* ; Girelli, Valentina Alena* ; Serafini, Michelina* ; Zirizzotti, Achille Emanuele* ; Frezzotti, Massimo* 
12Dec-2004New estimations of precipitation and surface sublimation in East Antarctica from snow accumulation measurementsFrezzotti, M.* ; Pourchet, M.* ; Flora, O.* ; Gandolfi, S.* ; Gay, M.* ; Urbini, S.* ; Vincent, C.* ; Becagli, S.* ; Gragnani, R.* ; Proposito, M.* ; Severi, M.* ; Traversi, R.* ; Udisti, R.* ; Fily, M.* 
132003Radio Echo Sounding (RES) investigations at Talos Dome (East Antarctica): bedrock topography and ice thicknessBianchi, C.* ; Cafarella, L.* ; De Michelis, P.* ; Forieri, A.* ; Frezzotti, M.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* 
1413-Jul-2011Refined broad-scale sub-glacial morphology of Aurora Subglacial Basin, East Antarctica derived by an ice-dynamics-based interpolation schemeRoberts, J. L.* ; Warner, R. C.* ; Young, D.* ; Wright, A.* ; van Ommen, T. D.* ; Blankenship, D. D.* ; Siegert, M.* ; Young, N. W.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* ; Forieri, A.* ; Passerini, A.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* ; Frezzotti, M.* 
15Jul-2008Snow Accumulation in the Talos Dome Area: Preliminary ResultsFrezzotti, M.* ; Proposito, M.* ; Urbini, S.* ; Gandolfi, S.* 
162002Snow dunes and glazed surfaces in Antarctica: new field and remote-sensing dataFrezzotti, M.* ; Gandolfi, S.* ; La Marca, F.* ; Urbini, S.* 
172002Snow megadunes in Antarctica: Sedimentary structure and genesisFrezzotti, M.* ; Gandolfi, S.* ; Urbini, S.* 
18May-2018Spatial and temporal distributions of surface mass balance between Concordia and Vostok stations, Antarctica, from combined radar and ice core data: first results and detailed error analysisLe Meur, Emmanuel* ; Magand, Olivier* ; Arnaud, Laurent* ; Fily, Michel* ; Frezzotti, Massimo* ; Cavitte, Marie* ; Mulvaney, Robert* ; Urbini, Stefano* 
1921-Jul-2005Spatial and temporal variability of snow accumulation in East Antarctica from traverse dataFrezzotti, M.* ; Pourchet, M.* ; Flora, O.* ; Gandolfi, S.* ; Gay, M.* ; Urbini, S.* ; Vincent, C.* ; Becagli, S.* ; Gragnani, R.* ; Proposito, M.* ; Severi, M.* ; Traversi, R.* ; Udisti, R.* ; Fily, M.* 
202007Spatial and temporal variability of surface mass balance near Talos Dome, East AntarcticaFrezzotti, M.* ; Urbini, S.* ; Proposito, M.* ; Scarchilli, C.* ; Gandolfi, S.*