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Barberi, Franco
Barberi, F.
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12019Anomalous Discharge of Endogenous Gas at Lavinio (Rome, Italy) and the Lethal Accident of 5 September 2011Barberi, Franco* ; Carapezza, Maria Luisa* ; Tarchini, Luca* ; Ranaldi, Massimo* ; Ricci, Tullio* ; Gattuso, Alessandro* 
22022Assessment of a low-enthalpy geothermal resource and evaluation of the natural CO2 output in the Tor di Quinto area (Rome city, Italy)Carapezza, Maria Luisa* ; Chiappini, Massimo* ; Nicolosi, Iacopo* ; Pizzino, Luca* ; Ranaldi, Massimo* ; Tarchini, Luca* ; De Simone, Gabriele* ; Ricchetti, Nicoletta* ; Barberi, Franco* 
32014Atmospheric dispersion of natural carbon dioxide emissions on Vulcano island, Italy.Granieri, D* ; Carapezza, M. L.* ; Barberi, F.* ; Ranaldi, M.* ; Ricci, T.* ; Tarchini, L.* 
425-Dec-2007Carbon Dioxide degassing at Latera caldera (Italy): evidence of geothermal reservoir and evaluation of its potential energyChiodini, G.* ; Baldini, A.* ; Barberi, F.* ; Carapezza, M. L.* ; Cardellini, C.* ; Frondini, F.* ; Granieri, D.* ; Ranaldi, M.* 
52009Chronology of the 2007 eruption of Stromboli and the activity of the Scientific Synthesis GroupBarberi, F.* ; Civetta, L.* ; Rosi, M.* ; Scandone, R.* 
61993The control of lava flow during the 1991-1992 eruption of Mt. EtnaBarberi, Franco* ; Carapezza, Maria Luisa* ; Valenza, Mariano* ; Villari, Letterio* 
72020Dangerous emissions of endogenous CO2 and H2S from gas blowouts of shallow wells in the Rome Municipality (Italy)Carapezza, Maria Luisa* ; Ranaldi, Massimo* ; Tarchini, Luca* ; Gattuso, Alessandro* ; Pagliuca, Nicola Mauro* ; Vinci, Marco* ; Barberi, Franco* 
82011Diffuse CO2 soil degassing and CO2 and H2S air concentration and related hazard at Vulcano Island (Aeolian arc, Italy).Carapezza, M. L.* ; Barberi, F.* ; Ranaldi, M.* ; Ricci, T.* ; Tarchini, L.* 
92003Earthen barriers to control lava £ows in the 2001 eruption of Mt. EtnaBarberi, F.* ; Brondi, F.* ; Carapezza, M. L.* ; Cavarra, L.* ; Murgia, C.* 
102019Explosive volcanoes in the Mediterranean area: hazards from future eruptions at Vesuvius (Italy) and Santorini (Greece)Barberi, Franco* ; Carapezza, Maria Luisa* 
1111-Feb-2019Faulting and Gas Discharge in the Rome Area (Central Italy) and Associated HazardsCarapezza, Maria Luisa* ; Barberi, Franco* ; Ranaldi, Massimo* ; Tarchini, Luca* ; Pagliuca, Nicola Mauro* 
1217-May-2007Gas blowout from shallow boreholes at Fiumicino (Rome): induced hazard and evidence of deep CO2 degassing on the Tyrrhenian margin of Central ItalyBarberi, F.* ; Carapezza, M. L.* ; Ranaldi, M.* ; Tarchini, L.* 
1331-Jul-2015Geochemistry of the mantle source and magma feeding system beneath Turrialba volcano, Costa RicaDi Piazza, A.* ; Rizzo, A. L* ; Barberi, F.* ; Carapezza, M. L.* ; De Astis, G.* ; Romano, C.* ; Sortino, F.* 
142021Hazard from Endogenous Gas Emissions and Phreatic Explosions in Rome City (Italy)Carapezza, Maria Luisa* ; Barberi, Franco* ; Tarchini, Luca* ; Ranaldi, Massimo* 
152012Hazardous gas emissions from the flanks of the quiescent Colli Albani volcano (Rome, Italy)Carapezza, M. L.* ; Barberi, F.* ; Ranaldi, L. M.* ; Ricci, T.* ; Tarchini, L.* ; Barrancos, J.* ; Fischer, C.* ; Granieri, D.* ; Lucchetti, C.* ; Melian, G.* ; Perez, N.* ; Tuccimei, P.* ; Vogel, A.* ; Weber, K.* 
1625-Feb-2022Health impact of natural gas emission at Cava dei Selci residential zone (metropolitan city of Rome, Italy)Carapezza, Maria Luisa* ; Tarchini, Luca* ; Ancona, Carla* ; Forastiere, Francesco* ; Ranaldi, Massimo* ; Ricci, Tullio* ; De Simone, Gabriele* ; Mataloni, Francesca* ; Pagliuca, Nicola Mauro* ; Barberi, Franco* 
171994Helium and CO2 soil gas emission from Santorini (Greece).Barberi, Franco* ; Carapezza, Maria Luisa* 
182013New geochemical investigations in Platanares and Azacualpa geothermal sites (Honduras)Barberi, F.* ; Carapezza, M. L.* ; Cioni, R.* ; Lelli, M.* ; Marini, L.* ; Menichini, M.* ; Ranaldi, M.* ; Ricci, T.* ; Tarchini, L.* 
1926-Feb-2015New mafic magma refilling a quiescent volcano: Evidence from He-Ne-Ar isotopes during the 2011–2012 unrest at Santorini, GreeceRizzo, A. L.* ; Barberi, F.* ; Carapezza, M. L.* ; Di Piazza, A.* ; Francalanci, L.* ; Sortino, F.* ; D'Alessandro, W.* 
202020Origin and hazard of CO2 and H2S emissions in the Lavinio-Tor Caldara zone (Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, Italy)Carapezza, Maria Luisa* ; Ranaldi, Massimo* ; Tarchini, Luca* ; Ricci, Tullio* ; Barberi, Franco*