Oppenheimer, Clive

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Oppenheimer, Clive
Clive Oppenheimer's main research interests are the controls of volcanic degassing on differentiation and redox state of magmas, and on eruptive processes; the atmospheric chemistry of volcanic plumes; the environmental, climatic and human impacts of volcanism in antiquity; and development of environmental sensing techniques and applications. His main research focus has become Erebus volcano in Antarctica where he has worked with the US Antarctic Program since 2003.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012The 2010 explosive eruption of Java's Merapi volcano—A ‘100-year’ eventSurono, N.* ; Jousset, P.* ; Pallister, J.* ; Boichu, M.* ; Buongiorno, M. F.* ; Budisantoso, A.* ; Costa, F.* ; Andreastuti, S.* ; Prata, F.* ; Schneider, D.* ; Clarisse, L.* ; Humaida, H.* ; Sumarti, S.* ; Bignami, C.* ; Griswold, J.* ; Carn, S.* ; Oppenheimer, C.* ; Lavigne, F.* 
29-Feb-2005Accurate measurement of volcanic SO2 flux: Determination of plume transport speed and integrated SO2 concentration with a single deviceMcGonigle, A. J. S.* ; Inguaggiato, S.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; Hayes, A.R.* ; Oppenheimer, C.* 
32014Characterisation of the magmatic signature in gas emissions from Turrialba Volcano, Costa RicaMoussallam, Yves* ; Peters, Nial* ; Ramirez, Carlos* ; Oppenheimer, Clive* ; Aiuppa, Alessandro* ; Giudice, Gaetano* 
415-Oct-2018Coupling Between Magmatic Degassing and Volcanic Tremor in Basaltic VolcanismSalerno, Giuseppe Giovanni* ; Burton, Mike* ; Di Grazia, Giuseppe* ; Caltabiano, Tommaso* ; Oppenheimer, Clive* 
52019Editorial: Exploring Volcanic Paroxysmal Explosive Activity From Magma Source to Ground and AtmosphereCalvari, Sonia* ; Bonaccorso, Alessandro* ; Oppenheimer, Clive* ; Spampinato, Letizia* 
62006Empirical hazard mapping of small debris flows in Sarno (Italy) using LAHARZOramas Dorta, D.* ; Toyos, G.* ; Oppenheimer, C.* ; Pareschi, M. T.* ; Sulpizio, R.* ; Zanchetta, G.* 
72004Exploiting ground-based optical sensing technologies for volcanic gas surveillanceOppenheimer, C.* ; McGonigle, A. J. S.* 
822-Nov-2011Field determination of biomass burning emission ratios and factors via open-path FTIR spectroscopy and fire radiative power assessment: headfire, backfire and residual smouldering combustion in African savannahsWooster, M. J.* ; Freeborn, P. H.* ; Archibald, S.* ; Oppenheimer, C.* ; Roberts, G. J.* ; Smith, T. E. L.* ; Govender, N.* ; Burton, M.* ; Palumbo, I.* 
915-Jul-2017First study of the heat and gas budget for Sirung volcano, IndonesiaBani, Philipson* ; Alfianti, Hilma* ; Aiuppa, Alessandro* ; Oppenheimer, Clive* ; Sitinjak, Pretina* ; Tsanev, Vitchko* ; Saing, Ugan B.* 
102011Gas and aerosol emissions from Villarrica volcano, ChileSawyer, G. M.* ; Salerno, G. G.* ; Le Blond, J. S.* ; Martin, R. S.* ; Spampinato, L.* ; Roberts, T. J* ; Mather, T. A.* ; Witt, M. L. I.* ; Tsanev, V. I.* ; Oppenheimer, C.* 
1115-Oct-2008GIS-assisted modelling for debris flow hazard assessment based on the events of May 1998 in the area of Sarno, Southern Italy. II: Velocity and Dynamic PressureToyos, G.* ; Gunasekera, R.* ; Zanchetta, G.* ; Oppenheimer, C.* ; Sulpizio, R.* ; Favalli, M.* ; Pareschi, M. T.* 
122007GIS-assisted modelling for debris flow hazard assessment based on the events of May 1998 in the area of Sarno, Southern Italy: Part I. Maximum run-outToyos, G.* ; Oramas Dorta, D.* ; Oppenheimer, C.* ; Pareschi, M. T.* ; Sulpizio, R.* ; Zanchetta, G.* 
1324-May-2019A global synthesis of lava lake dynamicsLev, Einat* ; Ruprecht, Philipp* ; Oppenheimer, Clive* ; Peters, Nial* ; Patrick, Matt* ; Hernandez, Pedro A.* ; Spampinato, Letizia* ; Marlow, Jeffrey* 
142005H2S fluxes from Mt. Etna, Stromboli, and Vulcano (Italy) and implications for the sulfur budget at volcanoesAiuppa, A.* ; Inguaggiato, S.* ; McGonigle, A. J. S.* ; O'Dwyer, M.* ; Oppenheimer, C.* ; Padgett, M. J.* ; Rouwet, D.* ; Valenza, M.* 
151-Nov-2012Hydrogen emissions from Erebus volcano, AntarcticaMoussallam, Y.* ; Oppenheimer, C.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; Giudice, G.* ; Moussallam, M.* ; Kyle, P.* 
1628-Feb-2008Investigation into magma degassing at Nyiragongo volcano, Democratic Republic of the CongoSawyer, G. M.* ; Carn, S. A.* ; Tsanev, V. I.* ; Oppenheimer, C.* ; Burton, M.* 
173-Jan-2011Lava effusion – a slow fuse for paroxysms at Stromboli volcano?Calvari, S.* ; Spampinato, L.* ; Bonaccorso, A.* ; Oppenheimer, C.* ; Rivalta, E.* ; Boschi, E.* 
185-Dec-2008Lava lake surface characterization by thermal imaging: Erta 'Ale volcano (Ethiopia)Spampinato, L.* ; Oppenheimer, C.* ; Calvari, S.* ; Cannata, A.* ; Montalto, P.* 
1924-May-2017Magmatic gas percolation through the old lava dome of El Misti volcanoMoussallam, Yves* ; Peters, Nial* ; Masias, Pablo* ; Apaza, Fredy* ; Barnie, Talfan* ; Ian Schipper, C.* ; Curtis, Aaron* ; Tamburello, Giancarlo* ; Aiuppa, Alessandro* ; Bani, Philipson* ; Giudice, Gaetano* ; Pieri, David* ; Gerard Davies, Ashley* ; Oppenheimer, Clive* 
202019Mantle plumes are oxidisedMoussallam, Yves* ; Longpre, Marc-Antoine* ; McCammon, Catherine* ; Gomez-Ulla, Alejandra* ; Rose-Koga, Estelle* ; Scaillet, Bruno* ; Peters, Nial* ; Gennaro, Emanuela* ; Paris, Raphael* ; Oppenheimer, Clive*