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Zolesi, Bruno
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
121-Sep-2011Assimilation of autoscaled data and regional and local ionospheric models as input source for a real-time 3-D IRI modelingPezzopane, M.* ; Pietrella, M.* ; Pignatelli, A.* ; Zolesi, B.* ; Cander, L. R.* 
2Jan-2014Behaviour of ionospheric magnitudes of F2 region over Tucumán during a deep solar minimum and comparison with the IRI2012 model predictionsEzquer, R. G.* ; López, J. L.* ; Scidá, L. A.* ; Cabrera, M. A.* ; Zolesi, B.* ; Bianchi, C.* ; Pezzopane, M.* ; Zuccheretti, E.* ; Mosert, M.* 
32004Climatology of ionosphericF-region disturbancesFotiadis, D. N.* ; Kouris, S. S.* ; Romano, V.* ; Zolesi, B.* 
415-Jan-2014The COMPLEIK subroutine of the IONORT-ISP system for calculating the non-deviative absorption: A comparison with the ICEPAC formulaSettimi, A.* ; Pietrella, M.* ; Pezzopane, M.* ; Zolesi, B.* ; Bianchi, C.* ; Scotto, C.* 
52004COST 271 Action - Effects of the upper atmosphere on terrestrial and Earth-space communications: introductionZolesi, B.* ; Cander, L. R.* 
62004The COST 271 Action: conclusions and the way aheadCander, L. R.* ; Zolesi, B.* 
73-May-2010COST 296 action results for space weather ionospheric monitoring and modellingBourdillon, A.* ; Zolesi, B.* ; Cander, L. R.* 
8Aug-2009COST 296 MIERS: conclusionBourdillon, A.* ; Cander, L. R.* ; Zolesi, B.* 
9Aug-2009COST 296 MIERS: Mitigation of Ionospheric Effects on Radio SystemsBourdillon, A.* ; Cander, L. R.* ; Zolesi, B.* 
10Aug-2009COST 296 scientific results designed for operational useStanislawska, I.* ; Belehaki, A.* ; Jakowski, N.* ; Zolesi, B.* ; Gulyaeva, T. L.* ; Cander, L. R.* ; Reinisch, B. W.* ; Pezzopane, M.* ; Tsagouri, I.* ; Tomasik, L.* ; Galkin, I.* 
11Jun-2010DIAS Effective Sunspot Number as an Indicator of the Ionospheric Activity Level over EuropeTsagouri, I.* ; Zolesi, B.* ; Cander, L. R.* ; Belehaki, A.* 
122007The DIAS Project: Monitoring and Forecasting the Ionosphere Over EuropeBelehaki, A.* ; Cander, L. R.* ; Zolesi, B.* ; Bremer, J.* ; Juren, C.* ; Stanislawska, I.* ; Dialetis, D.* ; Hatzopoulos, M.* 
13Aug-2005DIAS Project: The establishment of a European digital upper atmosphere serverBelehaki, A.* ; Cander, L. R.* ; Zolesi, B.* ; Bremer, J.* ; Juren, C.* ; Stanislawska, I.* ; Dialetis, D.* ; Hatzopoulos, M.* 
142006Effectiveness of the IRI-2001-predicted N(h) profile updating with real-time measurements under intense geomagnetic storm conditions over EuropeBuresová, D.* ; Cander, L. R.* ; Vernon, A.* ; Zolesi, Bruno* 
152006Effects of the upper atmosphere on terrestrial and Earth–space communications: Final results of the EU COST 271 ActionZolesi, B.* ; Cander, L. R.* 
16Feb-2008The electronic Space Weather upper atmosphere (eSWua) project at INGV: advancements and state of the artRomano, V.* ; Pau, S.* ; Pezzopane, M.* ; Zuccheretti, E.* ; Zolesi, B.* ; De Franceschi, G.* ; Locatelli, S.* 
1728-Jan-2012Estimating the vertical electron density profile from an ionogram: on the passage from true to virtual heights via the target function methodScotto, C.* ; Pezzopane, M.* ; Zolesi, B.* 
182015The European Ionosonde Service: nowcasting and forecasting ionospheric conditions over Europe for the ESA Space Situational Awareness servicesBelehaki, Anna* ; Tsagouri, Ioanna* ; Kutiev, Ivan* ; Marinov, Pencho* ; Zolesi, Bruno* ; Pietrella, Marco* ; Themelis, Kostas* ; Elias, Panagiotis* ; Tziotziou, Kostas* 
19Aug-2005Evaluation of the performance of the real-time updated simplified ionospheric regional model for the European areaTsagouri, I.* ; Zolesi, B.* ; Belehaki, A.* ; Cander, L. R.* 
202007From COST 271 to 296 EU actions on ionospheric monitoring and modelling for terrestrial and Earth-space radio systemsZolesi, B.* ; Cander, L. R.* ; Altadill, D.*