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Vinciguerra, Sergio
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005The 1980 pressure response and flank failure of Mount St. Helens (USA) inferred from seismic scaling exponentsVinciguerra, S.* ; Elsworth, D.* ; Malone, S.* 
214-May-2007Analysis of self-organised criticality in the Olami-Feder-Christensen model and in real earthquakesCaruso, F.* ; Pluchino, A.* ; Latora, V.* ; Vinciguerra, S.* ; Rapisarda, A.* 
3Jun-2008Applying Rock Physics to Natural HazardsVinciguerra, S.* ; Bernabé, Y.* 
42011Brittle creep in basalt and its application to time-dependent volcano deformationHeap, M. J.* ; Baud, P.* ; Meredith, P. G.* ; Vinciguerra, S.* ; Bell, A. F.* ; Main, I. G.* 
52009Compaction and failure in high porosity carbonates: mechanical data and microstructural observationsBaud, P.* ; Vinciguerra, S.* ; David, C.* ; Cavallo, A.* ; Walker, E.* ; Reuschlè, T.* 
62008Constraining melt concentration and strain distribution around basalt dykes in partially molten systemsVinciguerra, S.* ; Xiao, X.* ; Evans, B.* 
72013Decarbonation and thermal microcracking under magmatic P-T-fCO2 conditions: the role of skarn substrata in promoting volcanic instabilityMollo, S.* ; Heap, M. J.* ; Dingwell, D. B.* ; Hess, K-U.* ; Iezzi, G.* ; Masotta, M.* ; Scarlato, P.* ; Vinciguerra, S.* 
82004Detection of invisible and crucial events: from seismic fluctuations to the war against terrorismAllegrini, P.* ; Fronzoni, L.* ; Grigolini, P.* ; Latora, V.* ; Mega, M. S.* ; Palatella, L.* ; Rapisarda, A.* ; Vinciguerra, S.* 
9Dec-2013Effect of water on the frictional behavior of cohesive rocks during earthquakesViolay, M. E. S.* ; Nielsen, S. B.* ; Gibert, B.* ; Spagnuolo, E.* ; Cavallo, A.* ; Azais, P.* ; Vinciguerra, S.* ; Di Toro, G.* 
10Oct-2010Elastic moduli evolution and accompanying stress changes with increasing crack damage: implications for stress changes around fault zones and volcanoes during deformationHeap, M.J.* ; Faulkner, D.* ; Meredith, P.G.* ; Vinciguerra, S.* 
112009The evolution of elastic moduli with increasing crack damage during cyclic stressing of a basalt from Mt. Etna volcanoHeap, M.* ; Vinciguerra, S.* ; Meredith, P. G.* 
122004Experimental and modeling study of fluid pressure-driven fractures in Darley Dale sandstoneVinciguerra, S.* ; Meredith, P. G.* ; Hazzard, J.* 
132004Experimental constraints on the mechanics of dyke emplacement in partially molten olivinesVinciguerra, S.* ; Xiao, X.* ; Evans, B.* 
142010Experimental observation of stick-slip instability frontsNielsen, S.* ; Taddeucci, J.* ; Vinciguerra, S.* 
1614-May-2019Genesis and mechanisms controlling tornillo seismo-volcanic events in volcanic areasFazio, Marco* ; Alparone, Salvatore* ; Benson, Philip M.* ; Cannata, Andrea* ; Vinciguerra, Sergio* 
176-Feb-2007Imaging slow failure in triaxially deformed Etna basalt using 3D acoustic-emission location and X-ray computed tomographyBenson, P. M.* ; Thompson, B. D.* ; Meredith, P. G.* ; Vinciguerra, S.* ; Young, R. P.* 
1822-Jul-2011Increase in radon emission due to rock failure: An experimental studyMollo, S.* ; Tuccimei, P.* ; Heap, M.* ; Vinciguerra, S.* ; Soligo, M.* ; Castelluccio, M.* ; Scarlato, P.* ; Dingwell, D.* 
192011Influence of thermal and mechanical cracks on permeability and elastic wave velocities in a basalt from Mt. Etna volcano subjected to elevated pressureFortin, J.* ; Stanchits, S.* ; Vinciguerra, S.* ; Guéguen, Y.* 
202009Introduction to Pageoph Topical Volume on 'Rock Physics and Natural Hazards'Vinciguerra, S.* ; Bernabé, Y.*