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Vichi, Marcello
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010Challenges of modeling depth-integrated marine primary productivity over multiple decades: A case study at BATS and HOTSaba, V.*; Friedrichs, M.A.M.*; et al.*; Vichi, M.* 
2Jul-2013Climatic trends of the equatorial undercurrent: A backup mechanism for sustaining the equatorial Pacific productionRuggio, R.* ; Vichi, M.* ; Paparella, F.* ; Masina, S.* 
32010A dynamic Biologically-Active Layer for numerical studies of the sea ice ecosystem.Tedesco, L.* ; Vichi, M.* ; Haapala, J.* ; Stipa, T.* 
4Aug-2011Effects of Tropical Cyclones on Ocean Heat Transport in a High-Resolution Coupled General Circulation ModelScoccimarro, E.* ; Gualdi, S.* ; Bellucci, A.* ; Sanna, A.* ; Fogli, P. G.* ; Vichi, M.* ; Oddo, P.* ; Navarra, A.* 
52011The emergence of ocean biogeochemical provinces: a quantitative assessment and a diagnostic for model evaluation.Vichi, M.* ; Allen, J. I.* ; Masina, S.* ; Hardman-Mountford, N.* 
627-Feb-2009An enhanced sea-ice thermodynamic model applied to the Baltic seaTedesco, L.*; Vichi, M.* ; Haapala, J.*; Stipa, T.*
72006A generalized model of pelagic biogeochemistry for the global ocean ecosystem. Part I: theoryVichi, M.* ; Pinardi, N.* ; Masina, S.* 
8Jan-2007A generalized model of pelagic biogeochemistry for the global ocean ecosystem. Part II: Numerical simulationsVichi, M.* ; Masina, S.* ; Navarra, A.* 
9May-2011Global and regional ocean carbon uptake and climate change: sensitivity to a substantial mitigation scenarioVichi, M.* ; Manzini, E.* ; Fogli, P. G.* ; Alessandri, A.* ; Patara, L.* ; Scoccimarro, E.* ; Masina, S.* ; Navarra, A.* 
102012Global response to solar radiation absorbed by phytoplankton in a coupled climate modelPatara, L.* ; Vichi, M.* ; Masina, S.* ; Fogli, P. G.* ; Manzini, E.* 
112011Impact of appendicularians on detritus and export fluxes: a model approach at Dyfamed siteBerline, L.* ; Stemman, L.* ; Vichi, M.* ; Lombard, F.* ; Gorsky, G.* 
122012Impacts of natural and anthropogenic climate variations on North Pacific plankton in an Earth System ModelPatara, L.* ; Vichi, M.* ; Masina, S.* 
1311-Nov-2004Link or sink: a modelling interpretation of the open Baltic biogeochemistryVichi, M.* ; Ruardij, P.* ; Baretta, J. W.* 
142011Marine biogeochemical responses to the North Atlantic Oscillation in a coupled climate modelPatara, L.* ; Masina, S.* ; Visbeck, M.* ; Krahmann, G.* ; Vichi, M.* 
152009Modelling approach to the assessment of biogenic fluxes at a selected Ross Sea site, AntarcticaVichi, M.* ; Coluccelli, A.* ; Ravaioli, F.* ; Giglio, F.* ; Langone, L.* ; Azzaro, M.* ; Azzaro, F.* ; La Ferla, R.* ; Catalano, G.* ; Cozzi, S.* 
167-Mar-2007A numerical simulation study of dissolved organic carbon accumulation in the northern Adriatic SeaPolimene, L.* ; Pinardi, N.* ; Zavatarelli, M.* ; Allen, J. I.* ; Giani, M.* ; Vichi, M.* 
172007NW Adriatic Sea biogeochemical variability in the last 20 years (1986–2005)Tedesco, L.* ; Socal, G.* ; Bianchi, F.* ; Acri, F.* ; Veneri, D.* ; Vichi, M.* 
182012Process studies on the ecological coupling between sea ice algae and phytoplanktonTedesco, L.* ; Vichi, M.* ; Thomas, D.* 
192008A process-oriented model study of equatorial Pacific phytoplankton: the role of iron supply and tropical instability wavesVichi, M.* ; Masina, S.* ; Nencioli, F.* 
20Apr-2007Sensitivity of a coupled physical–biological model to turbulence: high-frequency simulations in a northern Adriatic stationCarniel, S.* ; Vichi, M.* ; Sclavo, M.*