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Urbini, Stefano
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12016Active and capable fault? The case study of Prata D'Ansidonia (L'Aquila, Central Apennine)Urbini, Stefano* ; Nicolosi, Iacopo* ; Di Nezza, Maria* ; Di Filippo, Michele* ; D'Ajello Caracciolo, Francesca* ; Pezzo, Giuseppe* ; Lancia, Michele* ; Fubelli, Giandomenico* ; Galadini, Fabrizio* ; Saroli, Michele* ; Moro, Marco* ; Gori, Stefano* ; Falcucci, Emanuela* ; Lo Sardo, Lorenzo* 
22017Airborne Radio Echo Sounding (RES) measures on Alpine Glaciers to evaluate ice thickness and bedrock geometry: preliminary results from pilot tests performed in the Ortles Cevedale Group (Italian Alps)Urbini, Stefano* ; Zirizzotti, Achille Emanuele* ; Baskaradas, James* ; Tabacco, Ignazio* ; Cafarella, Lili* ; Senese, Antonella* ; Smiraglia, Claudio* ; Diolaiuti, Guglielmina* 
32016Assessment of Electromagnetic Absorption of Ice From Ice Core MeasurementsZirizzotti, Achille Emanuele* ; Cafarella, Lili* ; Urbini, Stefano* ; Baskaradas, James Arokiasami* ; Settimi, Alessandro* 
42012Buried archeological remains connected to the Greek-Roman harbor at Tindari (north-east Sicily): results from geomorphological and geophysical investigationsBottari, C.* ; Urbini, S.* ; Bianca, M.* ; D'Amico, M.* ; Marchetti, M.* ; Pizzolo, F.* 
51-Mar-2017Comparison of measurements from different radio-echo sounding systems and synchronization with the ice core at Dome C, AntarcticaWinter, Anna* ; Steinhage, Daniel* ; Arnold, Emily J.* ; Blankenship, Donald D.* ; Cavitte, Marie G. P.* ; Corr, Hugh F. J.* ; Paden, John D.* ; Urbini, Stefano* ; Young, Duncan A.* ; Eisen, Olaf* 
6Mar-2022Cryo-seismicity triggered by ice mass discharge through the Antarctic subglacial hydrographic networkDanesi, Stefania* ; Salimbeni, Simone* ; Borghi, Alessandra* ; Urbini, Stefano* ; Frezzotti, Massimo* 
7Apr-2010Dry-wet bedrock interface detection by radio echo sounding measurementsZirizzotti, A.* ; Cafarella, L.* ; Baskaradas, J. A.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* ; Urbini, S.* ; Mangialetti, M.* ; Bianchi, C.* 
820-Aug-2014Electromagnetic ice absorption rate at Dome C, AntarcticaZirizzotti, A.* ; Cafarella, L.* ; Urbini, S.* ; Baskaradas, J. A.* 
9Jul-2008Evidence for Possible New Subglacial Lakes along a Radar Transect Crossing the Belgica Highlands and the Concordia TrenchForieri, A.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* ; Cafarella, L.* ; Urbini, S.* ; Bianchi, C.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* 
10Aug-2012Extent of low-accumulation ‘wind glaze’ areas on the East Antarctic plateau: implications for continental ice mass balanceScambos, T. A.* ; Frezzotti, M.* ; Haran, T.* ; Bohlander, J.* ; Lenaerts, J. T. M.* ; Van Den Broeke, M. R.* ; Jezek, K.* ; Long, D.* ; Urbini, S.* ; Farness, K.* ; Neumann, T.* ; Albert, M.* ; Winther, J.-G.* 
11Jun-2007Fast geophysical prospecting applied to archaeology: results at «Villa ai Cavallacci» (Albano Laziale, Rome) siteUrbini, S.* ; Cafarella, L.* ; Marchetti, M.* ; Chiarucci, P.* ; Bonini, D.* 
12Jan-2006Five subglacial lakes and one of Antarctica's thickest ice covers newly determined by radio echo sounding over the Vostok-Dome C regionCafarella, L.* ; Urbini, S.* ; Bianchi, C.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* ; Forieri, A.* 
1314-Dec-2012Geological and geophysical investigation of Kamil crater, EgyptUrbini, S.* ; Nicolosi, I.* ; Zeoli, A.* ; El Khrepy, S.* ; Lethy, A.* ; Hafez, M.* ; El Gabry, M.* ; El Barkooky, A.* ; Barakat, A.* ; Gomaa, M.* ; Radwan, A. M.* ; El Sharkawi, M.* ; D’Orazio, M.* ; Folco, L.* 
142018The geomagnetic coast effect at two 80° S stations in Antarctica, observed in the ULF rangeRegi, Mauro* ; De Lauretis, Marcello* ; Francia, Patrizia* ; Lepidi, Stefania* ; Piancatelli, Andrea* ; Urbini, Stefano* 
152017Geomorphological and geophysical investigations for the characterization of the Roman Carsulae site (Tiber basin, Central Italy)Bottari, Carla* ; Aringoli, D.* ; Carluccio, Roberto* ; Castellano, Corrado* ; D'Ajello Caracciolo, Francesca* ; Gasperini, M.* ; Materazzi, M.* ; Nicolosi, Iacopo* ; Pambianchi, G.* ; Pieruccini, P.* ; Sepe, Vincenzo* ; Urbini, Stefano* ; Varazi, F.* 
162004Geophysical survey at Talos Dome, East Antarctica: the search for a new deep-drilling siteFrezzotti, M.* ; Bitelli, G.* ; De Michelis, P.* ; Deponti, A.* ; Forieri, A.* ; Gandolfi, S.* ; Maggi, V.* ; Mancini, F.* ; Remy, F.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* ; Urbini, S.* ; Vittuari, L.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* 
172017Geothermal flux and basal melt rate in the Dome C region inferred from radar reflectivity and heat modellingPassalacqua, Olivier* ; Ritz, Catherine* ; Parrenin, Frédéric* ; Urbini, Stefano* ; Frezzotti, Massimo* 
18Jul-2011Getting around Antarctica: new high-resolution mappings of the grounded and freely-floating boundaries of the Antarctic ice sheet created for the International Polar YearBindschadler, R.* ; Choi, H.* ; Wichlacz, A.* ; Bingham, R.* ; Bohlander, J.* ; Brunt, K.* ; Corr, H.* ; Drews, R.* ; Fricker, H.* ; Hall, M.* ; Hindmarsh, R.* ; Kohler, J.* ; Padman, L.* ; Rack, W.* ; Rotschky, G.* ; Urbini, S.* ; Vornberger, P.* ; Young, N.* 
19Aug-2001GPR and GPS data integration: examples of application in AntarcticaUrbini, S.* ; Vittuari, L.* ; Gandolfi, S.* 
20Aug-2010GPR as an effective tool for safety and glacier characterization: experiences and future developmentUrbini, S.* ; Baskaradas, J. A.*