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Terranova, Carlo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-2011Analisi multitemporale (2006-2010) di dati LiDAR da aereo sulla frana attiva di Montaguto (AV)Terranova, C.* ; Vilardo, G.* ; Bellucci Sessa, E.* ; Pepe, M.* ; Ventura, G.* 
22007Contribution of the SISCam Web-based GIS to the seismotectonic study of Campania (Southern Apennines): an example of application to the Sannio-areaNappi, R.* ; Alessio, G.* ; Bronzino, G.* ; Terranova, C.* ; Vilardo, G.* 
32005Geomorphological map of the Somma-Vesuvius volcanic complex (Italy)Ventura, G.* ; Vilardo, G.* ; Bronzino, G.* ; Gabriele, G.* ; Nappi, R.* ; Terranova, C.* 
42008Ground deformation due to tectonic, hydrothermal, gravity, hydrogeological, and anthropic processes in the Campania Region (Southern Italy) from Permanent Scatterers Synthetic Aperture Radar InterferometryVilardo, G.* ; Ventura, G.* ; Terranova, C.* ; Matano, F.* ; Nardò, S.* 
5Oct-2010InSAR Permanent Scatterer analysis reveals fault re-activation during inflation and deflation episodes at Campi Flegrei calderaVilardo, G.* ; Isaia, R.* ; Ventura, G.* ; De Martino, P.* ; Terranova, C.* 
61-Apr-2017Modelling of hydrogen sulfide dispersion from the geothermal power plants of Tuscany (Italy)Somma, Renato* ; Granieri, Domenico* ; Troise, Claudia* ; Terranova, Carlo* ; De Natale, Giuseppe* ; Pedone, Maria* 
726-Sep-2013Morphometry of the Campi Flegrei caldera (Southern Italy)Vilardo, G.* ; Ventura, G.* ; Bellucci Sessa, E.* ; Terranova, C.* 
82015Multiple causes of ground deformation in the Napoli metropolitan area (Italy) from integrated Persistent Scatterers DinSAR, geological, hydrological, and urban infrastructure dataTerranova, C.* ; Ventura, G.* ; Vilardo, G.* 
928-Dec-2007Thermal monitoring of hydrothermal activity by permanent infrared automatic stations: Results obtained at Solfatara di Pozzuoli, Campi Flegrei (Italy)Chiodini, G.* ; Vilardo, G.* ; Augusti, V.* ; Granieri, D.* ; Caliro, S.* ; Minopoli, C.* ; Terranova, C.* 
10Dec-2011Tracking and evolution of complex active landslides by multi-temporal airborne LiDAR data: The Montaguto landslide (Southern Italy)Ventura, G.* ; Vilardo, G.* ; Terranova, C.* ; Bellucci Sessa, E.*