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Tabacco, I. E.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12002Airborne radar survey above Vostok region, east-central Antarctica: ice thickness and Lake Vostok geometryTabacco, I. E.* ; Bianchi, C.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* ; Zuccheretti, E.* ; Forieri, A.* ; Della Vedova, A.* 
22000Analysis of bottom morphology of the David Glacier-Drygalski Ice Tongue, East AntarcticaTabacco, I. E.* ; Bianchi, C.* ; Chiappini, M.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* ; Zuccheretti, E.* 
3Apr-2010Dry-wet bedrock interface detection by radio echo sounding measurementsZirizzotti, A.* ; Cafarella, L.* ; Baskaradas, J. A.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* ; Urbini, S.* ; Mangialetti, M.* ; Bianchi, C.* 
42004Electromagnetic reflecting properties of sub-ice surfacesBianchi, C.* ; Forieri, A.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* 
5Jul-2008Evidence for Possible New Subglacial Lakes along a Radar Transect Crossing the Belgica Highlands and the Concordia TrenchForieri, A.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* ; Cafarella, L.* ; Urbini, S.* ; Bianchi, C.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* 
6Jan-2006Five subglacial lakes and one of Antarctica's thickest ice covers newly determined by radio echo sounding over the Vostok-Dome C regionCafarella, L.* ; Urbini, S.* ; Bianchi, C.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* ; Forieri, A.* 
7Feb-2002The Frontier Mountain meteorite trap (Antarctica)Folco, L.* ; Capra, A.* ; Chiappini, M.* ; Frezzotti, M.* ; Mellini, M.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* 
8Jun-2009Geological setting of the Concordia Trench-Lake system in East AntarcticaCianfarra, P. ; Forieri, A. ; Salvini, F. ; Tabacco, I. E. ; Zirizzotti, A. 
92004Geophysical survey at Talos Dome, East Antarctica: the search for a new deep-drilling siteFrezzotti, M.* ; Bitelli, G.* ; De Michelis, P.* ; Deponti, A.* ; Forieri, A.* ; Gandolfi, S.* ; Maggi, V.* ; Mancini, F.* ; Remy, F.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* ; Urbini, S.* ; Vittuari, L.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* 
10Mar-2000Ice discharge of eastern Dome C drainage area, Antarctica, determined from airborne radar survey and satellite image analysisFrezzotti, M. ; Tabacco, I. E. ; Zirizzotti, A. 
112000Influence of geometrical boundary conditions on the estimation of rheological parametersTestut, L.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* ; Bianchi, C.* ; Rémy, F.* 
12Jul-2008Italian RES Investigation in Antarctica: The New Radar SystemTabacco, I. E.* ; Bianchi, C.* ; Baskaradas, J. A.* ; Cafarella, L.* ; Sciacca, U.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* ; Zuccheretti, E.* 
132003Lakes and subglacial hydrological networks around Dome C, East AntarcticaRémy, F.* ; Testut, L.* ; Legrésy, B.* ; Forieri, A.* ; Bianchi, C.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* 
142004New bedrock map of Dome C, Antarctica, and morphostructural interpretation of the areaForieri, A.* ; Zuccoli, L.* ; Bini, A.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* ; Remy, F.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* 
152003On the shape of reflecting surfaces investigated by a 60 MHz radarBianchi, C.* ; Sciacca, U.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* ; Zuccheretti, E.* 
162003Radio Echo Sounding (RES) investigations at Talos Dome (East Antarctica): bedrock topography and ice thicknessBianchi, C.* ; Cafarella, L.* ; De Michelis, P.* ; Forieri, A.* ; Frezzotti, M.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* 
17Apr-2010Radio echo sounding data analysis of the Shackleton Ice ShelfUrbini, S.* ; Cafarella, L.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* ; Bottari, C.* ; Baskaradas, J. A.* ; Young, N.* 
1813-Jul-2011Refined broad-scale sub-glacial morphology of Aurora Subglacial Basin, East Antarctica derived by an ice-dynamics-based interpolation schemeRoberts, J. L.* ; Warner, R. C.* ; Young, D.* ; Wright, A.* ; van Ommen, T. D.* ; Blankenship, D. D.* ; Siegert, M.* ; Young, N. W.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* ; Forieri, A.* ; Passerini, A.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* ; Frezzotti, M.* 
19Jul-2008RES Investigation of the Aurora Basin Area (East Antarctica)Cafarella, L.* ; Urbini, S.* ; Bianchi, C.* ; Zirizzotti, A.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* ; Forieri, A.* 
20Mar-2015RES Signatures of Ice Bottom Near to Dome C (Antarctica)Urbini, S.* ; Cafarella, L.* ; Tabacco, I. E.* ; Baskaradas, J.* ; Zirizzotti, A.*