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1Sep-2013Accounting for source effects in the ShakeMap procedure: the 2000 Tottori and the 2008 Miyagi earthquakesSpagnuolo, E.* ; Faenza, L.* ; Cultrera, G.* ; Herrero, A.* ; Michelini, A.* 
22018Biomarker thermal maturity experiments at earthquake slip ratesSavage, Heather* ; Rabinowitz, Hannah* ; Spagnuolo, Elena* ; Aretusini, Stefano* ; Polissar, Pratigya* ; Di Toro, Giulio* 
32016Dislocation Motion and the Microphysics of Flash Heating and Weakening of Faults during EarthquakesSpagnuolo, Elena* ; Plümper, Oliver* ; Violay, Marie* ; Cavallo, Andrea* ; Di Toro, Giulio* 
42017Earthquakes in the Mantle? Insights From Rock Magnetism of PseudotachylytesFerré, Eric C.* ; Meado, Andrea L.* ; Geissman, John W.* ; Di Toro, Giulio* ; Spagnuolo, Elena* ; Ueda, Tadamasa* ; Ashwal, Lewis D.* ; Deseta, Natalie* ; Andersen, Torgeir B.* ; Filiberto, Justin* ; Conder, James A.* 
52012The effect of directivity in PSHA frameworkSpagnuolo, E.* ; Herrero, A.* ; Cultrera, G.* 
6Jan-2014Effect of glass on the frictional behavior of basalts at seismic slip ratesViolay, M. E. S.* ; Di Toro, G.* ; Nielsen, S. B.* ; Gilbert, B.* ; Spagnuolo, E.* ; Azais, P.* ; Del Gaudio, P.* ; Scarlato, P.* 
7Dec-2013Effect of water on the frictional behavior of cohesive rocks during earthquakesViolay, M. E. S.* ; Nielsen, S. B.* ; Gibert, B.* ; Spagnuolo, E.* ; Cavallo, A.* ; Azais, P.* ; Vinciguerra, S.* ; Di Toro, G.* 
816-Apr-2016An empirically based steady state friction law and implications for fault stabilitySpagnuolo, Elena* ; Nielsen, S.* ; Violay, M.* ; Di Toro, Giulio* 
910-Nov-2015Fast-moving dislocations trigger flash weakening in carbonate-bearing faults during earthquakesSpagnuolo, Elena* ; Plümper, Oliver* ; Violay, Marie* ; Cavallo, Andrea* ; Di Toro, Giulio* 
102017Fault gouge graphitization as evidence of past seismic slipKuo, Li-Wei* ; Di Felice, Fabio* ; Spagnuolo, Elena* ; Di Toro, Giulio* ; Song, Sheng-Rong* ; Aretusini, Stefano* ; Li, Haibing* ; Suppe, John* ; Si, Jialiang* ; Wen, Cheng-Yen* 
112016Frictional evolution, acoustic emissions activity, and off-fault damage in simulated faults sheared at seismic slip ratesPasselègue, François. X.* ; Spagnuolo, Elena* ; Violay, Marie* ; Nielsen, Stefan* ; Di Toro, Giulio* ; Schubnel, Alexandre* 
1228-Jun-2018Frictional Instabilities and Carbonation of Basalts Triggered by Injection of Pressurized H2O- and CO2- Rich FluidsGiacomel, Piercarlo* ; Spagnuolo, Elena* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Marzoli, Andrea* ; Passelègue, François* ; Youbi, Nasrrddine* ; Di Toro, Giulio* 
132016G: Fracture energy, friction and dissipation in earthquakesNielsen, S.* ; Spagnuolo, Elena* ; Violay, M.* ; Smith, S.* ; Di Toro, Giulio* ; Bistacchi, A.* 
142016Implementing the Effect of the Rupture Directivity on PSHA for the City of Istanbul, TurkeySpagnuolo, Elena* ; Akinci, Aybige* ; Herrero, André* ; Pucci, Stefano* 
152016Investigating the effectiveness of rup- ture directivity during the August 24, 2016 Mw 6.0 central Italy earthquakeSpagnuolo, Elena* ; Cirella, Antonella* ; Akinci, Aybige* 
162017Microstructural evidence for seismic and aseismic slips along clay-bearing, carbonate faultsSmeraglia, Luca* ; Bettucci, Andrea* ; Billi, Andrea* ; Carminati, Eugenio* ; Cavallo, Andrea* ; Di Toro, Giulio* ; Natali, Marco* ; Passeri, Daniele* ; Rossi, Marco* ; Spagnuolo, Elena* 
17Apr-2017Nanoparticles control and record (?)earthquakes propagation at large scalesSpagnuolo, Elena 
182017Past seismic slip-to-the-trench recorded in Central America megathrustVannucchi, Paola* ; Spagnuolo, Elena* ; Aretusini, Stefano* ; Di Toro, Giulio* ; Ujiie, Kohtaro* ; Tsutsumi, Akito* ; Nielsen, Stefan* 
192013Pore fluid in experimental calcite-bearing faults: Abrupt weakening and geochemical signature of co-seismic processesViolay, M. E. S.* ; Nielsen, S.* ; Spagnuolo, E.* ; Cinti, D.* ; Di Toro, G.* ; Di Stefano, G.* 
202016Preliminary analysis of radon time series before the Ml=6 Amatrice earthquake: possible implications for fluid migrationCannelli, Valentina* ; Piersanti, Antonio* ; Spagnuolo, Elena* ; Galli, Gianfranco*