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Soldati, Gaia
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Constraints on core-mantle boundary topography from normal mode splittingSoldati, G.* ; Koelemeijer, P.* ; Boschi, L.* ; Deuss, A.* 
22001The effect of global seismicity on the polar motion of a viscoelastic EarthSoldati, Gaia* ; Boschi, Lapo* ; Piersanti, Antonio* ; Spada, Giorgio* 
3Oct-2007Effects of transient water mass redistribution associated with a tsunami wave on Earth’s pole pathPisani, A. R.* ; Piersanti, A.* ; Melini, D.* ; Piatanesi, A.* ; Soldati, G.* 
45-Jun-2006Global seismic tomography and modern parallel computersSoldati, G.* ; Boschi, L.* ; Piersanti, A.* 
5Sep-2009Inferring radial models of mantle viscosity from gravity (GRACE) data and an evolutionary algorithmSoldati, G.* ; Boschi, L.* ; Deschamps, F.* ; Giardini, D.* 
62-Aug-2015Monitoring of crustal seismic velocity variations in the L'Aquila fault zone inferred from noise cross-correlationSoldati, G.* ; Zaccarelli, L.* ; Faenza, L.* ; Michelini, A.* 
72006On the relevance of Born theory in global seismic tomographyBoschi, L.* ; Becker, T. W.* ; Soldati, G.* ; Dziewonski, A. M.* 
811-Feb-2007Petascale computing and future breakthroughs in global seismologyBoschi, L.* ; Ampuero, J.-P.* ; Peter, D.* ; Mai, M.* ; Soldati, G.* ; Giardini, D.* 
9Jun-2015Seismic measurements to reveal short-term variations in the elastic properties of the Earth crustPiccinini, D.* ; Zaccarelli, L.* ; Pastori, M.* ; Lucente, F. P.* ; De Gori, P.* ; Faenza, L.* ; Soldati, G.* 
102019Spatio-temporal seismic velocity variations associated to the 2016–2017 central Italy seismic sequence from noise cross-correlationSoldati, Gaia* ; Zaccarelli, Lucia* ; Faenza, Licia* 
112014Tomography of core-mantle boundary and lowermost mantle coupled by geodynamics: joint models of shear and compressional velocitySoldati, G.* ; Boschi, L.* ; Della Mora, S.* ; Forte, A.* 
122012Tomography of core–mantle boundary and lowermost mantle coupled by geodynamicsSoldati, G.* ; Boschi, L.* ; Forte, A.* 
132011Variations of crustal elastic properties during the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake inferred from cross correlations of ambient seismic noiseZaccarelli, L.* ; Shapiro, N. M.* ; Faenza, L.* ; Soldati, G.* ; Michelini, A.*