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Santarelli, Lucia
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
115-Mar-2011Azimuthal propagation of Pc5 geomagnetic field pulsations in the southern polar capLepidi, S.* ; Cafarella, L.* ; Pietrolungo, M.* ; Santarelli, L.* 
22007Daily variation at Concordia station (Antarctica) and its dependence on IMF conditionsCafarella, L.* ; Di Mauro, D.* ; Lepidi, S.* ; Meloni, A.* ; Pietrolungo, M.* ; Santarelli, L.* ; Schott, J. J.* 
34-Aug-2008Daily variation at three Antarctic geomagnetic observatories within the polar capPietrolungo, M.* ; Lepidi, S.* ; Cafarella, L.* ; Santarelli, L.* ; Di Mauro, D.* 
4Feb-2014Electromagnetic background noise at L'Aquila Geomagnetic ObservatorySantarelli, L.* ; Palangio, P.* ; De Lauretis, M.* 
5Feb-2008Electromagnetic monitoring of the Earth's interior in the frame of the MEM ProjectPalangio, P.* ; Di Lorenzo, C.* ; Di Persio, M.* ; Masci, F.* ; Mihajlovic, S.* ; Santarelli, L.* ; Meloni, A.* 
62007Fourteen years of geomagnetic daily variation at Mario Zucchelli Station (Antarctica)Santarelli, L.* ; Cafarella, L.* ; Lepidi, S.* ; Di Mauro, D.* ; Meloni, A.* ; Palangio, P.* 
717-May-2021Hints on the Multiscale Nature of Geomagnetic Field Fluctuations During Quiet and Disturbed PeriodsSantarelli, Lucia* ; De Michelis, Paola* ; Consolini, Giuseppe* 
8Apr-2007Low frequency geomagnetic field fluctuations at cap and low latitude during October 29-31, 2003Lepidi, S.* ; Cafarella, L.* ; Santarelli, L.* 
96-Apr-2011Non-inductive components of electromagnetic signals associated with L’Aquila earthquake sequences estimated by means of inter-station impulse response functionsDi Lorenzo, C.* ; Palangio, P.* ; Santarato, G.* ; Meloni, A.* ; Villante, U.* ; Santarelli, L.* 
102003Pc3-Pc4 pulsations at Terra Nova Bay (Antarctica): seasonal dependence of the power and its relationship with solar wind parametersSantarelli, L.* ; Lepidi, S.* ; Palangio, P.* ; Cafarella, L.* 
112007Propagation of low frequency geomagnetic field fluctuations in antarctica: comparison between two polar cap stationsSantarelli, L.* ; Lepidi, S.* ; Cafarella, L.* 
122017A study of geomagnetic field variations along the 80° S geomagnetic parallelLepidi, Stefania* ; Cafarella, Lili* ; Francia, Patrizia* ; Piancatelli, Andrea* ; Pietrolungo, Manuela* ; Santarelli, Lucia* ; Urbini, Stefano* 
13Feb-2009Twenty years of geomagnetic field observations at Mario Zucchelli Station (Antarctica)Cafarella, L.* ; Lepidi, S.* ; Meloni, A.* ; Santarelli, L.* 
142007ULF Geomagnetic Pulsations at High Latitudes: the Italian contributionCafarella, L.* ; De Lauretis, M.* ; Di Mauro, D.* ; Francia, P.* ; Lepidi, S.* ; Meloni, A.* ; Palangio, P.* ; Villante, U.* ; Santarelli, L.*